Download Balance 3D For PC, Windows XP/7/8/8.1, Mac

As most of us know many people wants to play cool Android Games on their PC. Today we will see how one can download and play Balance 3D For PC.

Balance 3D

Game Description:

First of all we will know about the game. Balance 3D is a free three dimensional puzzle game by BMM-Soft. It is been installed and liked by many in Google Play. You need to Balance the ball. You’re awaiting the mazes, an unsound places, unpredictable gravity.

Within this version, only 31 levels, but soon you will see more levels to experience!

Recent updates:

1. At this time in the overall game 31 levels to undergo, including 6-10 levels still in draft form and can soon be up-to-date. New levels are added regularly.

2. The overall game has two modes screen (supports portrait and landscape modes).

3. Several kinds of controls:

– Camera (move your finger in all directions)   Arrows

– Camera (move your finger in all directions)   G-sensor

– Camera (joystick)   Arrows

– Two-way controller (that old method)

Control via G-sensor – experimental (!) And also at happens of improvement. When utilizing it, remember that the positioning of the device where a ball is in a condition of peace – contain the device flat having a slight forward lean (30 levels).

Left in the overall game configurations previous control types (just in case you don’t fit new control).

Balance 3D for PC

How To Download Or Play Balance 3D For PC

There is two simple methods to play Balance 3D in your windows or mac enabled PC.

First method:

1) Download Android Simulator BlueStacks on your PC.

2) Search for Balance 3D in Bluestacks.

3) Download And Play in your PC.

Second Method:

1) Download Balance 3D game in your Android Phone via Google Play.

2) Now Download Andyriod andy on your PC.

3) Now Sync your mobile Phone and andyriod.

4) Now Play Balance 3D on your PC.

5) Use Your Phone as Joystick.

Their is also a third way to download Balance 3D For PC, Windows XP/7/8/8.1 or Mac.

Youwave allows you to play various games with Balance 3D on your PC. But it is a paid version. So if you have some money to spare you can always go for the third option.



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