Download KraMixer DJ Software For Windows

Exsitem numerous programs to help in the task of being a DJ, creating some of the songs and other facilitating the work of mixing and use pickups and CDJ. With KraMixer his work as DJ gets much easier as it transforms your computer into a turntable , allowing you to not need all the paraphernalia to venture into the world of music. You just need to have available on your hard drive space to store all your songs. Not to mention that the program is used by professionals.

The KraMixer works the same way as a physical mixer in which you choose a song and have to make the transition to the next track. He has all the main features of the genre programs, and shortcut keys for ease of playing time. Not to mention that the program still has effects to be added to their music, like echo, reverb, and robotic preverb . The interface KraMixer is divided into two channels (Channel 1, Channel 2 left and right), as a song in one of two audio channels the other is on standby for when you decide to make the transition between the two. You can still leave the two tocandos the same time to create an interesting transition effect.

The program is a little difficult for the novice user, but nothing that a few hours dedicated to practice does not help. And in the end you may become a DJ without having bought any expensive equipment.

Download KraMixer DJ Software

Download KraMixer DJ Software For Windows

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