WhatsApp Is Updated With iOS Privacy Settings

WhatsApp is updated to iOS to version 2.11.8. The main novelty of this update are new privacy settings for the user, allowing to hide when the last time you connect, the profile picture and status . These options may be available to all, for only our contacts or with the option for maximum privacy that no one can see them.

A highly demanded feature by many users who wanted to control the privacy of your account WhatsApp and can choose who can see now our information about these options. To access these new privacy settings and to configure them to our liking, we must go to Settings> Account> Privacy. Furthermore, this new version of the application includes new funds to screen for our conversations and number of bug fixes for more stability.

WhatsApp Is Updated With iOS Privacy Settings

As for the wallpapers of the talks, the application WhatsApp now allows previewing of funds before being applied would be to see how we can even slide your finger on the screen to pass between funds without having to go select one by one. They have also added the option of setting depth for these parallax effect similar to using funds iOS 7 .

This update received yesterday and the users of the platform Android and hopefully that was received shortly for users of iOS using WhatsApp on your iPhone . Perhaps these new privacy settings have been devised after purchasing platform from Facebook , other applications that compete with this service as Telegram and allow this setting to not show the last connection we do so we can prevent us spy on through the application.

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