360 Internet Security 2013 Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X


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The tasks performed by 360 Internet Security 2013 are quite common: it is possible to perform full scans from fast and even a custom scan on your machine. But what really attracts attention in this program is the work performed by the three engines coupled to the system such software.

By relying on popular and relevant core data verification, threats already known by Cloud Engines 360, QVM II and BitDefender are, this virus as soon detected. By submitting this application to security EICAR – The Anti-Virus test file (the file that simulates the action of a virus), for example, the recorded results were quite satisfactory: the 360 Internet Security 2013 has succeeded in spreading the false threat.

The interface of this program is also noteworthy. Nothing layout of a truncated full of options colliding with each other. When you open the program, the three major forms of verification logo appear on the screen center – and just one click to activate any one of them.

Browse for a perfect antivirus can be dangerous, that’s because the effectiveness of one or other protection software operating systems is quite relative. That is why even the existence of countless programs that promise to rid your machine of any kind of threat.

And this sea of ​​prevention as the dreaded virus applications, at least one premise must be considered: what types of harmful virtual extensions your software can detect? 360 Internet Security 2013 works with three engines that together are able to stop the vast majority of malware.

Protect against threats using one of the strongest anti-virus and have the time at the hands of complete checks and services customized system. And detail: this program works in real time, detecting, neutralizing or barring virtually any foreign element to precious areas of your computer.

Three engines working together
But, after all, such that these engines could do for your operating system? First of all, you must understand that malicious software is programmed in various ways and have therefore specific “languages”. The engines (that can be objectively defined as “cores or programming libraries”) are able to identify a threat or other “early” form – since we already know the language used by the virus.

360 Internet Security 2013 has thus integrated with three engines on your system – running an optimized scan on your computer. One can say that the 360 ​​engines Cloud, QVM II and BitDefender (cores adopted by this antivirus) work together to detect and block virtually any malware in real time – possible action thanks to constant updates made by each of the three libraries this Programme.

Avoid conflicts
If you want to test this program – and putting engines such proof – make sure to uninstall your current antivirus. For software being the same gender, conflict can be generated if the installation of an additional tool for protection is made on your machine.

Note : when installing 360 Internet Security 2013 you can also download an extension for prevention to virtual browser infections to Google Chrome .

Types of scan
Three main options are displayed for initial scanning interface of this software. The first two (“Quick Scan” and “Full Scan”) can be activated by a single click, to choose local scan, rest your mouse over the icon “Custom Scan” and select one of four options shown: “Desktop”, “My Documents”, “Office Documents” and “CD”.

When choosing any of the two modes of verification (“Quick Scan”, which performs a quick scan of the system, or “Full Scan” option responsible for passing a fine tooth comb on your machine), the following items will be checked:

  • “System Settings”;
  • “Applications”;
  • “Memory”;
  • “Startup” and
  • “Key Positions” (in “Quick Scan”) or “All Files” (“Full Scan”).

If you want to configure the properties of protection 360 Internet Security 2013, click on the arrow that appears just above the “Full Scan” option and activate the options that best meet your needs – “Computer Protection”, “Internet Protection” and ” Privacy Protection “will be the subject of customization controls this option.

To change the program settings, click on the arrow located next to the minimize of 360 Internet Security 2013 icon and select the “Settings” field, and then a window with all modes of operation of the program will be open.

Recommend turning on the “Engines” option, all cores verification. To keep them running, just select all the boxes shown by “Scan” and Real-time Protection “- these commands will cause the motor 360 Cloud, QVM BitDefender II and remain ever vigilant.

And so your new antivirus work in full swing, it is quite convenient also change another setting. In this window, go to “Antivirus” option, and “Protection Level”, change the protection level to “High”; absolutely all its files and processes will be monitored. But beware: if you enable this feature, your computer will use its processor more intensely – leaving your machine a bit slow.

Schedule a scan and update your software

In Settings> General , the “Scheduled Scan” field will be shown. Click on “Enable”, select the scan type in “Type” and determine the time and day of the start of the scan. Update your antivirus clicking “Update” (link located at the bottom of the program homepage). Monitor the performance of your CPU by clicking on the green button “CPU Performance” and also see how many files were moved to quarantine accessing the “Quarantined” field.

360 Internet Security 2013

360 Internet Security 2013 Download

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