Adobe Reader 11.0 Download For Windows XP, 7, 8

Adobe has heard complaints from users and let Adobe Reader much lighter and faster than previous versions
The Adobe Reader is the official tool to view documents stored in PDF format, taken as the standard file distribution composed of texts and images on the Internet. With this he is able to view documents that have music videos, and just about any type of embedded file, or else to make use of more stringent safety standards as encryption and permissions configured via passwords.

Besides showing the generated PDF documents, it is able to insert markers texts, as you would with a pen in a real book. To convey information with other readers of the document, you can insert comments attached to the user name specified in sections. Everything will be appended to the file when you save the document.


Version 10 of Adobe Reader was much lighter than the previous, with the memory consumption and processing equivalent to the Foxit PDF Reader , who stole most of the users in the past before its lightness. Another interesting feature is the special way of reading, which automatically resizes the text font as the user changes the size of your window.

Even being a big target of security breaches, Adobe Reader remains gaining constant updates, something that reduces the chances of the user having invaded your machine to view a PDF file specially prepared for this. Even giving the impression of fragility by numerous loopholes, the exploitation of these devices is inevitable in the most popular market.

Can Still Improve

Unfortunately for installing the Adobe Reader is still needed to download about 100 MB, while the package Foxit Reader needs only 11 MB. Another issue that draws attention is the fact that the tool does not have display capabilities, such as generating PDF files or convert these formats to editable Microsoft Word or Excel, when you click one of these options, the user is directed to a paid site Adobe.

A Good Tool

With the latest enhancements, Adobe Reader has everything to return to fight for the first position of visualization tools for PDF documents. The hardest thing now will be to convince users to return to the application, once it has adopted other tools to avoid the full weight of the previous versions.


By clicking to download, you will be redirected to the page for the Adobe Adobe Reader. In it, the download of the program will be offered in Portuguese, but this is an outdated version and still contains the security flaws .

If you prefer to download the English version of which already has the patches, just follow the steps:

Click You need a various language or operating system?

  • Select Language “Inglês”;
  • Select your version of Windows;
  • Opt for version “11.0.02”;
  • Click on “Download “.

Adobe Reader 11.0 Download For Windows XP, 7, 8

Adobe Reader 11.0 Download