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Anvisoft Plus PC is a tool that analyzes and fixes dozens of common problems in the machine. With it, you can fix crashes, errors and freezes, and increase the security level of your browser and clear the history of temporary files.

With just one click, you can make various professional settings on the PC. The best thing is you do not need any technical knowledge in computer applications or third parties to accomplish the task. Dividing the options into five groups (“Desktop Icon”, “Network Issue”, “System”, “Software” and “Game”), the program is ideal for those who want to improve the machine.

Set time

Usually when you buy a new computer, it is fast and crashes free. The problem is that the constant use creates temporary files, shortcuts, and ghosts entries. All this builds up over time and ends up crashing the OS. In addition, there are still any connection problems, browser errors and possible crashes of Windows.

Tools like PC Anvisoft Plus are essential to improve the health of your computer and make it more stable. In “Network Issue”, you can fix crashes in IE, remove advertisements or browser title URLs, delete sections with blue text and white background, eliminate connection failures, improve the loading of images etc.

To activate any of the options, just click “Fix Now”. Importantly, all repairs are done automatically through the online software server, so it is essential that your computer is connected to the internet.

The application of the main groups are also shown in the left menu, so you do not need to return to the home page whenever you want to perform a specific repair.

Clean and organize

“Desktop Icon”, the main functions to fix errors in visual shortcuts, set the redirect icon are available, remove the check boxes in Windows items, delete the small arrows on shortcuts and remove from the system tray buttons.

The menu “System” has options to clear browsing history, fix access to OS Task Manager, enable the Registry Editor and make a clean sweep on the computer, thereby aiming to make it more quickly and safely. In “Software”, there is a good amount of functions to handle Windows error messages and repair the open method of Office documents.

“Game” offers only an adjustment to enhance the way 3D games are shown on the monitor. If you are having trouble finding the necessary solution to the problem that is facing the PC, simply use the search bar located at the top right of the program. At the bottom, you can see how many errors have been fixed.

Review Of Anvisoft PC Plus

Programs like Anvisoft PC Plus are essential to correct common faults on any computer. One of its advantages is that it does not require complicated manual settings or advanced settings. With just one click, you can leave the clinking machine – not to mention that it weighs only 20 MB.

Visually, the software is well organized and attractive. On the Home screen, are available all major groups, each of which has extra repairs. In addition, the use of a side menu avoids you having to be all the time alternating between tool Home and adjustment options.


Lack of information

The wide application of the problem is the lack of detail on the adjustments made. Even that does not require advanced knowledge to be used, it is rather difficult to know what it actually does with the few explanations. For example: how you can fix error messages or DLLs when you do not know exactly what they are about?

In addition, after making settings, the application does not make clear whether the operation was successful or not – so much so that asks if the task corrected the error and asks to access the developer’s website to check out. Some functions also require the computer to be restarted to take effect.

It would be interesting to also rely on backup and system restore options. Thus, besides adjusting the OS, it would be possible to resume the previous settings and eliminate any changes that may have been made by the application itself.


Weighs just on the machine
Solutions with just one click
Visual pleasant and organized


Few details about the repair process
No backup options


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