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When you have multiple files to upload, the best solution is to compress them into one and reduce its size, right? To do this, you need to find a specific program. Ashampoo Zip is an option to accomplish this task.

The program can extract multiple file formats: ZIP, Zipx, 7ZIP, LHA, CAB, RAR, TAR, LHZ, BZ2, TBZ, 7Z, TXZ. Have to go the other way, the software gives alternatives to compress into ZIP, 7Z or TAR.

How To Use Ashampoo Zip

To compress files, we simply clicking on them with the right mouse button and choose “Compress to …” and select the desired extension. After this stage, a screen will open showing a percentage bar and a timer that tells you how long the process is complete.

The procedure is very similar to unpack. Just click right in the compressed file and select “Extract to …” option. In doing so, we must select the destination of the extracted content; then, a screen will open and show you what’s in that zipped folder.

And what else?

When you start the program, a screen appears showing some options. In this free version, and use compression and decompression of files, you can:

Repair a corrupted or damaged ZIP archive;
Create a SFX file (English abbreviation of self-eXtrating), which is an executable (EXE) file created to facilitate decompressing files without requiring a specific program;
Create a multi-volume ZIP, which is nothing more than partition a ZIP file into multiple smaller pieces.

Ashampoo Zip Review

You can not talk about file decompression without remembering programs such as WinRAR or WinZip. It is true that these are always the first that come to mind, and this has a reason: they are the best.

Ashampoo Zip Free does exactly the same as any other software of its kind. It makes no difference when compared to a more famous, different from its paid version, which offers several other features such as encrypting files, mount ISO images and convert a compression type to another.

Duel Time

The program is not bad, but the fact of not having anything that the highlight is a drawback because other zipadores are already rooted in the idea of ​​users who may think, “Why would I use Ashampoo Free Zip, WinRAR and the WinZIP do the same thing and I’m used to them? “.

What further complicates the program is the speed of compression. We made a comparison between him and WinRAR. Zipamos a photo with 1.66 GB folder using both software. While the most famous made the service in 1 minute and 42 seconds Free Ashampoo Win accomplished the same task in 2 minutes to 31 seconds.

In the test to decompress the same file again WinRAR got the better, concluding the service at 1 minute and 27 seconds. However, this time, the advantage was lower: Ashampoo did the same thing in 1 minute and 48 seconds.

And the extra functions?

We can not put aside the extra functions of the software. In the case of “Repair a corrupted or damaged ZIP archive,” to try to use this feature simply closed the screen and nothing happened.

As the “Create a SFX file” that worked very well and instead of generating a zipped folder, create an executable file that can be opened by any PC without a compactor program. But this is nothing new, considering that WinRAR, for example, also offers the same feature.

In the end: the program is good, but does not offer anything that might distinguish it from the others. If any version of the paid options were available, perhaps the results were most satisfactory.


Ashampoo Zip Download

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