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What the letter says that his favorite song exactly? If you often empostar voice and follow the verses of one or another sound, this program should then be among your first choices of software. AutoLyric is a kind of extension to players who do online searches for lyrics and display them in a separate window on your media player: pair the Windows Media Player , Foobar2000 , AIMP3 or even Winamp and try to make AutoLyric your monitor interface Karaoke.

After downloading AutoLyric, installation options are displayed. If you want to make sure the program runs on any of the players mentioned earlier, pay attention to the “Select Players” screen check the boxes “for Surport Winamp5” and “Windows Media Player (x32)” for example, and make that their favorite players are compatible with this automatic search engine for lyrics.

Once installed, the program will run automatically by either player. This is so that a double click on a song is given, the interface AutoLyric will soon open. If no problems occur during the online search for the letters, each word of the selected song should appear on your screen in seconds. But what if the process fails? It will be necessary, in this case, perform a manual search towards the verses of this song.

Write manual searches
If an error is displayed by the program splash screen, you can still perform manual searches. Click the right mouse button on the interface AutoLyric and open the “Search Online” option. Then type in the “Title” song title sought, on “Artist”, the artist responsible for interpreting the letter sought should be informed.

Then click on “Search …”, wait for the results list and finally select the “Download” button. If this process is executed, the letter will be found always displayed automatically by AutoLyric way. Can not find your sound? Try changing the search mode the program. You can make these changes still in the “Search Online” screen select the “Auto Mode” “Exact Search” or “Fuzzy Search” options to force AutoLyric to seek letters.

Change the color scheme of this tool is quite easy. There are two ways to do this: note that the primary interface AutoLyric, three buttons will occupy the upper right margin of the software. Click on the middle icon, illustrated by an arrow, and select the tone that suits you, use the scroll bar “Custom” also to adjust the transparency of the background program screen.

But if your intention is to regulate the colors of even more precisely, click the right mouse button on the home screen AutoLyric, go to “Options” field and adjust the settings of “Background” and “Color Effect”. Also note that various other changes can be made in “Options”: ways to search, view of the program window and the inclusion of shortcuts operations are some of the options.


The functionality AutoLyric is one: display lyrics on a standalone media players to the screen display. Thus, if your will is read what the verses of some songs say, this program may be among their entertainment options. And take note: this extension is compatible with the players Windows Media Player , Foobar2000 , AIMP3 and Winamp .

Operate the key features of this application is not complicated task. Adjust the opacity levels of the background and also regular colors AutoLyric options are able to settle even the most demanding of users. The compatibility of the software with some of the most popular music players of the moment is also another highlight of this tool.

However, not all the songs, even when performed manual searches can be identified by AutoLyric. During our tests, several national compositions were submitted to the search engine of this interface, no song of Brazilian origin was identified by the program – even foreign sounds were found with difficulty by AutoLyric.

Next, use the facilities of this program to search for lyrics of the most popular foreign songs today. If this is your goal, AutoLyric will surely satisfy most of its intentions.


AutoLyric Download

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