Best Virus Protection for PC: What are the Best Antivirus For PC?


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Do you want to know which is the Best Virus Protection for PC? Today we are going to review the best antivirus that exists. Protect your PC antivirus for pc

What is the Best Virus Protection for PC?

The best antivirus is Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device if we consider protection, performance impact, benefits, and price.

At the moment these are the TOP 4 Antivirus:

  1. Kaspersky
  2. Panda Antivirus
  3. BitDefender
  4. McAfee

1) Kaspersky

best virus protection for pc


  • Maximum Protection: Along with Panda, McAfee, and Bitdefender it is in the TOP 4 of Antivirus of the year.
  • Very low impact: Consume less than 1% of your device’s resources. You will be protected without losing performance.
  • Very easy to use: It is the easiest antivirus to manage. You for all intents and purposes introduce it and overlook that you have it.
  • Price: In The Licensing Store you can find it much cheaper than anywhere.


  • Very basic: The basic version of Antivirus does not protect you from online dangers such as identity protection or against bank fraud.
  • The most expensive: Quality must be paid, if you don’t mind paying a little more, Kaspersky Total Security 2020 may be the best option.

2) Panda antivirus

best virus protection for pc


  • Maximum Protection: According to tests from external laboratories such as AV-Comparatives and even from the Kaspersky laboratory, the 2020 antivirus version is infallible against virus threats (I am the one I have installed). Panda Global Protection has become the best antivirus by far this year.
  • Very low impact: It never consumes more than 1% of your device’s resources. So your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android will always go fast.
  • Panda Global Protection: It is the most complete antivirus in the world, apart from ending viruses, it protects your bank details, makes backup copies, alerts you if someone has accessed your network without permission, saves all your keys, etc, etc. Much more than an antivirus, it is a security suite.
  • Unbeatable price: Thanks to discounts from The Licensing Store it is the cheapest antivirus on the market.
    If you need licenses for more than 5 devices or licenses for unlimited devices at The License Store you have the cheapest prices.


  • It does not have all the functionalities in iOS or Mac: If you use Mac and iPhone we do not recommend this antivirus.

3) Bit Defender

best virus protection for pc


  • Maximum Protection: Along with Panda, it involves the main situation of Antivirus of the year. One of AV-Comparatives’ favorites. The 2020 version of Bitdefender is here.
    It is the best-selling antivirus in Spain.
  • Very low impact: It is one of the antiviruses that consumes the least resources. You will be protected without losing performance.
  • Anti-Ransomware: The world’s most advanced protection against these types of threats.
  • The price: If you have 3 devices, each license costs around 7 euros a year.
  • The best Antivirus for Mac: If you have a Mac, don’t think about it, choose Bitdefender.


  • The antispam note included: Basic protection has no Antispam or firewall included (Antivirus Plus 2020).

4) McAfee

best virus protection for pc


  • Great Protection: Practically this Antivirus is infallible against any threat, it is one of the most acclaimed antiviruses in history.
  • Low Impact: Today it is the one that spends the least resources on a PC, its speed awards guarantee it.
  • Multi-device: You can install it on unlimited devices.
  • Price: For € 38.95 you can have the LiveSafe version on all the devices you want, ( offer valid only in The Licensing Store ).


  • IOS version: If you have an iPhone or an iPad, it is not the best antivirus that exists for these devices.

According to AV-Comparatives, the most prestigious laboratory in the world for antivirus analysis, Panda and BitDefender are the only 2 antiviruses that have been able to block 100% of threats without having a single false positive.

Kaspersky has not had a false positive but has not been able to block 1% of threats. And Symantec’s latest results haven’t been too good.

These tests were carried out in January 2020. Each time tests of this type are carried out, we will update the article, the idea is that you can choose the best antivirus at the moment and that you always have the updated data to make the best decision.

Best Virus Protection for PC Comparison: What is the difference between free and Paid Antivirus?

Our tests focus on the best free and best-paid antivirus.

Paid antivirus generally offers better technical support and more extensive protection features than free antivirus.

Paid Security Suites go even further, offering firewalls, parental controls, identity theft protection, and more.

With the antivirus offers that exist, it is advisable to pay 20-30 euros a year and not risk it.

If you get a virus, even if you have the data well stored and the bank account protected, it will take time to restore the system to make it clean.

Panda Global Protection – Best Virus Protection for PC

RRP: € 70.99 inc VAT (1 device, 1-year license)

Panda Global Protection also allows you to protect different devices (Windows Mac and Android) with the same license. It is the best Antivirus of the year, it is very easy to use.

This latest version of Panda from 2019 has pleasantly surprised me. Not only has it changed its name, but it has also gained a lot in speed, it no longer slows down the PC at all.

I have been lucky enough to try it and I love it, I did not expect it that way, apart from being a TOP Antivirus from the point of view of protecting against threats, the PC does not even know that it is installed, everything is just as fluid On top of that, it is not just an Antivirus, it is a program that has many useful things, it even protects you against attacks on your Wifi.

And finally, they have solved the problem of resource consumption !!! You no longer find out, in 2020 this antivirus with this theme took a great leap in quality, the one that makes it the worst this year is Nod32.

Kaspersky Internet Security – Best Antivirus for PC

PVP: € 49.95 inc VAT (3 Devices: Android, Mac, and Windows, 1 year) Entering the Top 3, we find one of the best-paid antiviruses for € 35 with which you can protect three devices.


The technical strength of Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 cannot be criticized, it is the best there is. If you have multiple devices and you don’t want to spend the 62 € that Symantec Norton Security with Backup costs, I recommend it, and more with the offer that Kaspersky now has of 20% discount.

Kaspersky Total Security 2020 is also very interesting.

Bitdefender Internet Security – Best-selling Antivirus

RRP: € 29.99 inc VAT (3 PCs, 1-year license) This is one of the best Antivirus suites available in terms of absolute protection against malware.

It is also very good at not displaying false warnings. It is super complete and at a laughing price, every year BitDefender improves more, it is a TOP antivirus and it is the best-selling antivirus in Spain and in much of the world.

In its favor it has a ridiculous price for a suite of this type, it is one of the reasons why it sells so much, apart from the quality it has, if the Panda Global Protection 2020 were cheaper, it would occupy this position.

McAfee Life Safe – Best antivirus value for money


RRP: € 38.95 inc VAT ( unlimited devices, privately owned, 1-year subscription), this price is only available in The Licensing Store.

McAfee has always been one of the best antivirus years after year and also one of the most expensive, it is really worth 80 euros, although it is now 70% in The Licensing Store, I imagine that due to the fame this version is having.

For 60 euros and unlimited licenses, it’s not bad. It is one of the most complete antivirus software and with the highest prizes in history, a safe and cheap bet.


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