Carrier Esko 1.5 Ton18K Split AC Review – 3 Star Ratings


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Are you currently searching to purchase new air conditioner with this summer time? Don’t get wrongly identified as multiple options, here’s our buying guide which suggest you to choose Carrier ESKO 18k split AC. Carrier ESKO 18k is 1.5 ton 3 star rating split ac with advance features and probably the most reliable air conditioner in India. Carrier is famous brand in India and probably the most utilized in commercial qualities because of lengthy existence and occasional cost. Here we have given pros/cons from the Carrier ESKO 18k split ac, their features and specs. Do browse the review after which only purchase the new split Ac.

Options that come with Carrier ESKO 18k Split AC

This is among the split ac which is filled with new and advance features, has good warranty period, and good performance. Here we have given bullet point listing of features this split ac gives you, check out.

  1. It uses really low power, has high current machine.
  2. Uses 230 volt of power, 1522 watts of power.
  3. I-PM2.5 filter, can block bacteria sized .2 µm long and .25 – 1. µm across.
  4. It’s in-built leakage detector.
  5. You should use the sleep mode while using the during the night or as you sleep.
  6. Carrier has additionally used Electrostatic Carbon Filter which blocks active carbon, dust, smoke in the air and offers you climate, additionally, it act as Air cleaner.
  7. As well as that, additionally, it has turbo way of fast cooling, auto swing, auto restart, rust safeguard, Brought screen too.
  8. For monsoon usage, it’s Nexgen Dehumidifier which cuts down on the humidity in the air and offers you good damp free air.
  9. You receive multipurpose handheld remote control with this particular AC which enables you to definitely operate the functions from long way.
  10. Carrier has utilized Copper coil with this particular Split AC.
  11. 12 months of warranty continues to be supplied by Carrier with this particular AC.
  12. 5 year warranty around the compressor by Carrier.
  13. The AC makes hardly any noise, dependable and great for seem sleep.
  14. Low maintenance cost, supplied by carrier.
  15. BEE has provided 3 star rating for this 1.5 ton Split ac, assurance it uses very less power consumption.

If you are planning to purchase any new split ac, check this inexpensive split ac that has nice features and great for home usage. As you can see, the temperatures are rising daily you have to require a good split ac which supplies you good cooling and enable you to have seem sleep. If you would like buying help guide to chose best split ac, check out our guide on best split ac page. Now look into the pros/cons of the split ac.


  • Anti-bacteria filter, great for quality air.
  • Uses only 230 volts of power.
  • Provides dehumidification too, great for monsoon usage.
  • Carrier uses copper coil with this particular AC as well as provides dust filter.
  • Durable plastic body of the AC, quite lengthy lasting.
  • Makes hardly any noise, great for flats or congested areas.
  • 12 months warranty on full product, 5 year on compressor.
  • Advance filter, latest modes for doing things.


  • There are more split ac available under this cost.
  • Might bit overpriced for couple of families.
  • Many purchasers aren’t pleased with post sales customer support of Carrier.
  • No free installation, carrier team provides installation, chargeable.
  • Not five star rating from BEE.

Conclusion: – For those who have limited usage and searching for inexpensive split ac in 1.5 ton category, you have to search for the product, before choosing every other split ac. You may also look into the other best ac for home in India but don’t ignore that one also. It’s all of the extra features, lengthy existence, good performance and good warranty.

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