Download Acronis Disk Director For Windows XP, Vista, 7

Acronis Disk Director is a software for disks that allows manual or automatic adjustments, copies and changes without losing data partition. He recognizes the disk structure and maximizes the use of space.

If you use your computer for different purposes or wish to install a new operating system, it is much safer and convenient separate you from your applications, entertainment and other data. It also recovers lost or deleted partitions.

Acronis Disk Director – a comprehensive software package for working with hard disk. The program includes:

  • Tool for recovery partition;
  • Manager management partition;
  • Editor + hard disk boot manager.

With the tool “Partition Manager” can perform any actions on partitions with Windows and Linux: delete, copy, create, resize, merge and separation without the fear of losing the necessary files. When the installation program has the ability to create backup boot floppy / CD, with which you can manage partitions on any operating system. Simple, powerful and reliable Acronis OS Selector – a boot manager in the distribution of this package will install on your computer with multiple operating systems, as well as create different boot configuration systems that appear at startup.

“Acronis Disk Director” is a complete solution for hard disk management: You can transfer the contents from one to another plate, combine free memory space on different hard disk drives or expand a volume to a basic or dynamic disk by or unallocated memory area of ​​a use multiple hard drives.

With the tool “Acronis Recovery Expert” in addition, the software includes a tool for data partitioning and hard disk recovery, with which you can edit the consequences of a user error, hardware or software failure, virus attack or attack by a hacker and repair.

If you are a fan of maximum performance and reliability of your computer, the program Acronis Disk Director – the best solution for creating and scaling, merging and moving partitions without any data loss

Download Acronis Disk Director For Windows XP, Vista, 7

Download Acronis Disk Director For Windows XP, Vista, 7