Download Android Booster For Android

Android Booster is an application for mobile optimization that helps millions of users accelerate their handsets Android , reclaim memory, save battery, kill tasks and completely uninstall unwanted applications.

You will find features like a battery manager, getting four preset saving modes to help you get the most out of the life of your appliance.

The app also tells you which applications are consuming more energy, besides giving tips energy consumption to prolong battery life. Your device shall monitor all running applications in real time to uninstall applications with one click to immediately increase memory and display which applications are using your WiFi network

Besides all, the Android Booster also allows you to put a widget on the phone home screen, which greatly facilitates the viewing of system information. Download the free app now to improve the performance of your smartphone.


Among the various tools that have the purpose of improving the performance of the operating system, Android Booster app is an option that deserves to be taken into consideration by those seeking an application in this category. Crammed with features your users can rely on several different options to optimize the Android system.

Among the main features of the application, there is the possibility to check which apps are draining the battery. That way, your users can get the information needed to make better use of the available energy.

For those wishing to optimize system performance, the application has a button that when touched, performs cleaning processes that are taking up RAM unnecessarily. However, with the passage of a few minutes, such processes can be executed by the system again. Ie, the performance will again be compromised.

In addition to the features already mentioned, the application has a file manager itself. Although simple, it is enough that your users can browse folders and files on Android device.
Download Android Booster For Android

Download Android Booster For Android