Download Android SDK For Windows XP, Vista

Google wants to create a shake-up in mobile systems with the launch of its platform Android . Designed to be totally open and free for developers, the API can change the way the phone software is used, making all the same applications and match the phone data with web tools.

The Android SDK provides developers of mobile software the chance to play with the new platform. It contains everything you need to start building applications as well as a fully functional device emulator to test them when finished.

Develop what you want for Android

Even non-developers can test the Android SDK , because it is easy to set up and run, although take a while to load. There is a choice of skins cell and resolutions to move. Its integration with Google Maps is seamless and this is just an example to highlight the potential for developing applications that transcend the boundaries between phone and web-based software.

Installing the software for the Android SDK is not easy and you need to tinker with the code to do it. Although there is much documentation available online to help you get the most out of the Android SDK .

Overall, Android SDK provides an environment of rapid and reliable development for those looking for the next era of mobile software.

Download Android SDK For Windows XP, Vista

Download Android SDK