Download AnyReader For Windows

AnyReader – a program with which you can copy files from damaged or plohochitaemyh carriers. Application quickly and efficiently reads data from networks Lan / Wireless LAN, CD / DVD drives, flash-memory cards, ZIP drives, HDD, floppy disks and other.

The uniqueness of the utility is that it can continue reading / copying of information even if the system has generated an error, or if it comes to networking (especially Wi-Fi), there was a loss of connectivity.
Using no way affect the source files and will not harm your data. Primary data intact. The application saves copies of files created in the location that you specify.

When your PC or laptop is not able to correctly process the corrupted disk sector, it stops copying and the portion of the file that has already been recorded, removes. AnyReader easily cope with this problem in such cases.

One of the primary assets of the application is an option for setting the number of attempts to process the data, which will allow to read information from the media with different levels of damage. Another program has a convenient, multilingual interface, easy to use, and also contains extensive documentation. Perhaps that is why she is in great demand among users.


Download AnyReader For Windows