Download Ares Galaxy 2.2.5 For Windows XP, Vista, 7


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With Ares you can find songs, videos, programs and images on its own network or program then download via torrent files from your favorite sources. If you want to optimize the time and leave the PC only downloads, can even leave the tool by downloading files from both sources simultaneously.

The tool dispenses advanced settings, just pick the files and start downloading. Not to waste time with the wrong files or bad quality, Ares brings an embedded player that plays audio and video files even before the end of the download. Much better than waiting several hours and find that they were in vain.

If you need to limit the speed of uploading and downloading, not to impair navigation of PCs on the network, just use the tool settings. There you can also make more advanced settings and set proxy, bypass firewall and other small ajutes.

The Qualities

Ares in its operation closely resembles the great classics such as Kazaa and eMule, mainly by way of P2P sharing. It is possible to find even those files that you believe that no longer exist. The tool allows you to filter the search for video, audio, image, and document software or search all those categories at once.

The search for and download files is done by the network Ares, which tells what are the users who have files searched. Beyond the network itself, it also downloads files via torrent, avoiding the opening of other tools. Another interesting feature of Ares is the music player and video, allowing you to test the file before the end of the download. A great way to avoid long file downloads wrong.

Not everything is perfect

During testing, unfortunately Ares had enough instability. Especially when connecting to the server, a process that began 10 minutes. This is a random problem, sometimes the tool connects really quickly. Good, at least, is that we do not need to select the server, as we do in eMule .

Another problem comes from the fact that the tool to get files from other users, is the very availability of the content. If few users have the file you want, and besides, they have bad connections, the download speed can not pass the 15 KBs. Something that does not hurt as much when you download a song, but the larger files become a torture.

Still a good tool

The closure of Megaupload and the establishment of strict rules file-sharing services remaining open again for space tools like Ares. In it, the exchange of files is really free, each person can share what you want and have the PC.

A good tip to minimize the problem of tool speed is download as many files as you need simultaneously. With this, you increase the chances of getting files from multiple users simultaneously, while also increasing the speed of downloads. Downloading torrents in Ares is as good as in tools like uTorrent (uTorrent / mTorrent) , he not only brings many advanced options.

Download Ares Galaxy 2.2.5 For Windows XP, Vista, 7

Download Ares Galaxy 2.2.5

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