Download AutoHotkey For Windows

AutoHotkey – is a program for management hotkeys. The application is designed to ensure that configure the keyboard, joystick, and mouse and assign hotkeys. It allows you to redirect virtually any buttons and keys on all possible input devices.

AutoHotkey program is open-source software. It contains specially designed for her scripting language with serious possibilities for creating scripts that could monitor keystrokes, mouse movement and workflow of any other input devices. With this application, the user is available virtually any automation processes with one click, writing macros manually assigning “hot” keys for the keyboard and mouse. In fact, each button or combination thereof capable of being a “hot” key.

The program is also ready to use AutoCorrect printing – for example, the abbreviation «btw» can be automatically replaced by «by the way». AutoHotkey help create your own custom entry form information, user interface and user menu.

The useful free tool often adds text modules used in any application, as soon as you type a predefined shortcut or key combination. In addition, you can use your joystick or keyboard instead of the mouse.

With AutoHotkey but can be repeated as often automatically perform certain actions in programs. A macro recorder does a first class help here.

An integrated compiler converts the commands if desired even in a self-running EXE file. Recorded scripts can be so distribute without problems and use on other computers.

Download AutoHotkey

Download AutoHotkey For Windows