Download Autorun Organizer For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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Allow a particular program to start with your computer is a double-edged sword: although it is a more convenient way to ensure that your favorite applications are always running, this feature can also slow down the boot process on your PC.

After all, force the opening of dozens of software with the operating system ends up leaving your computer much slower than normal. And worst of all is that many applications are autoconfiguram to start with Windows so they are installed on your machine, even without making a query to the user.

The Autorun Organizer is a free utility designed specifically for those who want to optimize the performance of your computer avoiding the automatic execution of applications. Through it, you can get a complete list of all the apps that are opening alongside your OS, having the necessary tools to eliminate unnecessary programs and delay the opening of desired (so they do not begin to run simultaneously, resulting in unnecessary use memory and processor).

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In addition to simply allow you to manage detail how the software from your PC behave during emergence of Windows Autorun Organizer also has a sort of monitor that shows variations in boot time during the last times your computer has been turned on. So you can track the results of your settings directly through the app, giving if changes are actually leaving their more agile machine or not.

Finally, another feature often highlighted by the developers of Autorun Organizer is the detector popularity of shows (“Popularity”). Basically, the utility remains in constant communication with their servers and can determine (based on data collected from other users of your PC) how it used some of the software you want to remove the autorun list. With this, you can know if an application is trustworthy and deserves or does not start with Windows.


Several programs facilitated maintenance include tools for managing the boot process of Windows – CCleaner is the best example. However, if you want a utility focused exclusively on this task, it might be worth testing the Autorun Organize. He may not be as friendly as other type programs and have a little intuitive interface, but has interesting features that will surely help you to streamline your computer.

What else drew attention in the software is the ability to delay the automatic execution of certain app instead of just turning it off. This allows you to create a custom schedule specifying which program should open first, preventing them from being started together and create a real chaos in the brain of your PC. The boot monitor is another feature worth mentioning: the very Autorun Organizer provides you a reliable way to track the optimizations made to the system.

As we said earlier, the utility is relatively complicated for novice users, but at least it came with a small instruction manual online (in English) that can be accessed directly through its interface. If you can not take many more programs starting with Windows and delaying boot your computer, it’s worth giving a chance for the Autorun Organizer.

Autorun Organizer

Download Autorun Organizer For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

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