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The CCleaner is a free program for Windows and Mac OS X that performs cleanup of unnecessary files stored on your computer. ‘s main goal is to end the installation log files, browsing history and cookies, which over time can leave slow and unstable PC. CCleaner When downloading, the user acquires a tool to free disk space. With this, will be allowed to store more music, photos and videos in HD.

Download and install CCleaner

First, the user must choose the desired platform and click “download”. Then click on the file and select the languages.” On the next screen, press “next” and then “agree”. In the next step, it becomes possible to change the installation location of the application and, after that, click “next” again.

Choose the options you want, click “Install” to start installing the program and wait for the end of the process. Finally, just select “finished” and ready, the software is installed on your computer. Importantly, however, that during the installation procedure, the program tries to install an additional tool bar. So if the user does not want to, need to uncheck this option.

Clearing cookies

Besides cleaning, the software provides the optimization results in more detail on page, which has facilitated scrolling. However, the greatest weapon of the application is the smart cookie management.

It allows you to clean browser cookies without losing preferences related to websites, passwords, logins, and many other important information stored this way profiles. The new version gained compatibility with  Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and logged bugfixes in previous versions.

Clean Windows

Originally known as CrapCleaner, this service works in a very simple and intuitive way. As the cleanup utility Windows disk, the user must send him analyze the HD to check for useless files. When the scan finishes, it is necessary to select the content to be deleted.

In Internet Explorer, the software is able to delete temporary internet files, history, cookies, index.dat files and hidden location of the last file downloaded. Now in Firefox, it deletes temporary Internet files, history, cookies and downloads manager.

On Windows, it is possible to clean the recycle bin, clipboard, logs, recent documents history, historical menu “run” search assistant Windows XP, memory dumps and fragments of chkdsk. Want to learn how to use CCleaner to clean temporary files of your windows and do a more thorough cleaning in HD? Learn  how to do a spring cleaning on your PC with CCleaner

Other Resources

The application flushes (or compact) SQLite database Firefox and Google Chrome, which accelerates browsers. In addition, performs cleaning of the machine DNS cache and supports to clean old files from Windows. The service is compatible with a wide list of programs installed on your computer.

As before, just click on it to start analyzing search for files that can be safely deleted. To further facilitate the user’s life, there is the option to put the PC to turn off automatically after the cleaning. If any doubt still remains, see how to configure CCleaner to clean your PC automatically .

Registry Cleanup

The Windows registry is a very sensitive area of ​​the operating system of a machine. Is it that crucial information is stored on the user settings and programs. Over time, this registry tends to get full of errors, which causes a drop in PC performance.

With the software, you can fix these errors, delete invalid entries or repair defective. He can fix shared DLLs not found, unused file extensions, ActiveX errors and classes, type libraries, programs, source, pathway programs, help files, installer, obsolete software, running on startup, start menu and order cache of the user interface.

Additional Tools

In addition to the features mentioned above, CCleaner also has a program uninstaller that lets you remove any software installed on the computer. Use it for this task makes all the program files are uninstalled, leaving nothing behind.

Another function is to manage startup programs, to manage the software that start with Windows. This tool enables faster boot process of the PC. However, it is better to attempt to clear any non-essential program to your computer and even security software.

CCleaner professional portable

The professional portable CCleaner is very helpful for those who want power in the hands of the program decreased in size and take anywhere on a thumb drive. It retains all the power and effectiveness than the traditional version has, but does not require installation. Simply plug the flash drive, USB card, CDs, DVDs or other removable devices and running the software.

CCleaner for Mac

Still undergoing improvement, CCleaner to clean Mac browsers Safari and Firefox, plus the trash, recent files, servers and “temporary folder”. It features results of detailed analysis and cleaning, detection of unstable applications and support for Google Chrome. Check out the tutorial TechTudo on how to install and use CCleaner for Mac OS X .

Latest version

The tool has received a number of patches and bugs fixed in the latest version. Moreover, gained improvements in detection programs started with Windows and algorithm cleaning function of the OS. Is available, still, better scanning performance and file deletion. The app has support for analysis and exclusion of data from Avast! Antivirus , Adobe Photoshop , Samsung Kies and RealPlayer .

Enjoy free download CCleaner and improve faster and leave your computer. The program also has a paid version, CCleaner Professional. See the differences between the paid and free CCleaner . Please download the free CCleaner first and if you like it and find it worth it.
Download CCleaner

Download CCleaner

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