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The ComboFix is a small and very efficient program that scans folders, files and registry Windows . He seeks possible harmful actions to the computer. The software is very light, it’s free and ideal for a quick check. Be sure to download ComboFix and remove malware without installing software on your machine!

Easy to use and extremely objective, it is quite effective to solve problems and possible damage that malware may have caused on your PC. The tool also creates a restore point from the operating system to restore previous settings. She also prepares a report that shows all information about the processes that took place.

So it is a practical and indispensable resource to correct possible errors and conflicts in the machine or improve your performance. In addition, there is the advantage of being very simple to start your procedure to check and clean. See how to use ComboFix and stop malware, without installing anything.

How to Use Combofix

ComboFix is ​​free upgraded and works without needing to be installed. Just run it to start the process of scanning and correction of probable errors and conflicts in your operating system. Thus, it deletes all the files and records of Windows that perform suspicious activities.

The focus is to delete all suspected malware that are installed on your computer. With this, the service makes the essential system software to operate in the safest possible way.

Without having to confirm or authorize the execution steps, all procedures are given so that the tool runs. All phases of your scan can be followed while it is running.

It is recommended, however, quit all programs while the software is running. As it scans and important changes to the operation of PC parts, this is likely to affect your procedure or if they close some applications or submit a malfunction.

If the user has not installed the application restore Windows, the app will request permission from the download and installation. So, will allow all PC settings before scan being saved as a precaution and safety measure.

Full Report

When all the procedures of verification and system fixes done, is prepared a comprehensive report that displays the time at which the task was performed. Moreover, it shows the details about the changes made, as the Windows registry modified, retired deleted files and programs. Free download ComboFix and see!


ComboFix is ​​an extremely small and with very good potential to find and remove malware from your computer or troubleshoot conflicts and system crashes resources program. It works without needing to be installed, it can be run by a USB stick or external hard drive.

However, it has no interface, information or any assistant to assist the start of their procedures.

Before beginning your application, the application requests the installation or upgrade of Windows Restore application. Shortly thereafter, the process of scanning and correction system automatically starts, but can not be paused at any time.

In addition to saving your changes to previous configurations, the application draws a very comprehensive and useful report with all the details of the tasks carried out. However, it can create mismatch problems by just changing the records of the operating system. Worth using ComboFix!

Download Combofix For Windows XP, 7

Download Combofix

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