Download CoverBeats For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

CoverBeats is a free program designed for anyone who is not content to listen to the original songs of their favorite items – the application acts as a unique search engine for videos covers and remixes hosted on the service YouTube .

To use the program, it is especially necessary to carry out a small registration stating nothing more than a username and password alphanumeric. The registration confirmation is instant and the log with the same credentials registered, you may enjoy all the features of CoverBeats.

Conducting research

The utility works in the simplest way possible: just write the name of the artist or song you want to search in the search bar and press Enter. Beside this field, you should tick the “Cover” or “Remix” options according to the type of video you want to find (versions sung by fans of a certain musical group or remixes by DJs). You can also choose to pick songs that have undergone simple edits (“Slow edit”) or modified for playback on radio (“Radio edit”) versions.

It is interesting to note that the CoverBeats has a button by which you can choose to restrict the results to only the YouTube videos posted by Indian (Indian Go). If you have inadvertently enabled this feature, simply click the same button again, which will be renamed to “Go International”.


The CoverBeats is a perfect example of software that makes no sense. After all, why would anyone waste time and space on your hard drive without installing a program commendable feature? If you search for a cover or remix video of your favorite band, just visit YouTube and type in “cover band name +”. Simpler, no?

Nor do we understand the need to make only a register to use as simple and limited software. By the way, the interface CoverBeats is another downside to the tool – and we’re not even talking about the ridiculous amount of advertising banners. Also lacked the visual part whim.

In short, the CoverBeats is an application without any practical application. All he offers can be made directly from your regular browser, just visit YouTube and searching covers / remixes manually. Take a tip from a friend and stay away from this mess!

Download CoverBeats

Download CoverBeats