Download EazyFlixPix For Pc ( Windows XP/Vista/7/8 )


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The EazyFlixPix is ​​a program that will help keep your library of videos and pictures always organized. With his help, you can sort your files in order to find more easily in the middle of the pile of folders that are in your collection.

The program offers the possibility to configure the display of items and create categories, bookmarks and tags . Moreover, they are also integrated into the software a video player and an imager.

Running in compatibility mode

Once installed, the software presented a problem in its execution. When trying to start it, an error appears on the screen, which prevents the program opens properly. To circumvent the problem, it was necessary to open the EazyFlixPix in compatibility mode.

Two views: pictures and videos

The program is divided basically in two ways: images and videos. Each can be accessed using the F1 key (for movies) and F2 (for photos) and is also offered customization for each type of display, plus a player for both.

The scheme allows videos relate compatible extensions and change the default player. You can also modify the displayed information of all items in addition to customize thumbnails of files.

For photos, the difference is the need to import each folder containing images. For videos, showing just a local root, all files within subfolders will be identified.

The customization allowed for image mode are similar to the video mode. To access them quickly, you can use the ALT + 2 keys for the display settings and ALT +4 for pictures.


The software offers the possibility to create a password for their implementation. This, however, does not prevent items from being accessed by another file explorer. We can also change the color scheme of the interface, which offers some ready-made themes.

Some shortcut keys to minimize, restore and close the EazyFlixPix can be configured. The program also offers a search that works through the file names or tags assigned to them.

EazyFlixPix Review

If your library of videos and pictures goes through messy, the EazyFlixPix help you stay organized. With a rich possibility of customization, ranging from changes in the interface for playback of photos, the program stands out for its functionality and good looks.

Create customized presentations, tags , playlists, shortcut keys and thumbnails ( thumbnails ) with just a few clicks and a very simplified way. Besides organizing the EazyFlixPix also functions as a video player and image viewer. The hindrance is on account of having to run the program in compatibility mode because of an error at the time of its initialization.

Adding folders

At the start, the program has already leads the user to map the folders to be displayed. This, however, is one of the main disadvantages of the software. You need to indicate the path of each location where you store your files if you want to view them through EazyFlixPix.

For those who have a huge collection of photos and videos, can be quite laborious, but rewarding. Then each new item added to folder is also shown in the program after updating the display. But beware: for images, subfolders are not automatically mapped and this is why the software offers so many possibilities when organizing your collection.

Organizing images

For photos are offered the option to create categories for your files. So nothing to create folders for every occasion. Create a new category and select the images that belong to it so that the program passes to differentiate them.

You also have the ability to mark photos with tags , which can facilitate search engines later. This means that, ultimately, your folder will hold all the images simply “played” on a site, but organized in EazyFlixPix.

When viewing photos, you can edit the way they are displayed, and create custom presentations and save them to watch later. This last feature is ideal for those who want to show a series of files in a beautiful way and without creating a slideshow every time you present it.

Organizing videos

Unlike images, video playback is a little smarter. The EazyFlixPix recognizes items that are in subfolders and displays detailed information of each. The exact place, date, size, extension, size and amount of views are provided some data of each file, and the interesting thing is that we can change this scheme, if we want.

The ability to create thumbnails ( thumbnails ) custom is another differential. Choose the image that best reflects the content of the video and thus quickly identify the items you seek.


The integration of a video player and an imager is the most precious feature of EazyFlixPix. Say goodbye to the standard viewers of these media types because the software recognizes most formats for both file types.


For those who like to change the look of the program, EazyFlixPix offers many possibilities. Change the interface is just one of the software options, which also includes changes in reproduction and viewing files.

Also offered is a series of hotkeys that greatly facilitate the user’s life. However, the inability to change the key combination is something very negative for those who want to adapt the use of the program to their needs.

Download EazyFlixPix For Pc

Download EazyFlixPix For Pc

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