Download Encrypics For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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Everyone has, at your computer, an image that is confidential and that no one can see. As much as we try to hide this photo, we’re always afraid that someone can access it without authorization. Or the need arises to send this picture to someone, but it can not be intercepted and viewed by anyone but the recipient.

What to do then? Have you thought about encrypting it? With Encrypics , you can do this. You choose the image wherever it is inside your computer, encrypts putting a password and send it to anyone you want. Then, the recipient must decrypt the document using the program and can view it normally.

Very easy deusar

Anyone will be able to use the system without any problem. It is very easy to be understood and used. On one screen, you will see already the two main functions of the system. They are arranged in two simple tabs: “Encrypt” (encrypt) and “Decrypt” (decrypt). You can switch between them and choose which one you need to use.

In the “Encrypt” tab, you will be able to block your shot. Choose the image inside your computer, enter a password (which you need to have at least six characters. The stronger the your keyword, the less chance of someone discovering it), confirm it and click “Encrypt” so you start with the process that takes no time.

The system supports images in BMP, GIF and JPG format and in the encrypted file is EPDT format, which is inaccessible by any viewer. To view the encrypted image, you must have Encrypics because no other program with the same function can take the lock.

To decrypt an image, go to the “Decrypt” tab and search for EPDT file on your computer. It will usually be in the same folder as the original image was. If you send the encrypted photograph someone also send the password as you will need to unlock. Click “Decrypt” and the image will appear normally.

Portable system

The Encrypics is a portable system, ie you do not need to install it on your computer to work with it because it works autonomously. Just double click the executable and it will open inside your machine. For best results, you should consider using with administrator privileges.

So, being a tool that requires no installation, you can store it and run it from a mobile device. Charge it on a USB stick or inside your smartphone and use on any computer without leaving a trace.

There is no configuration preferences so you can fiddle with the application, the entire operation is preset by default. Ie, just open the program and use it, without having to configure or change anything.


The Encrypics is a very interesting tool for those who need to send images that can not be seen by other people and even store them on your machine, keeping them free from prying eyes. It will change the format of photos and block them so it can not be opened by any viewer.

Unfortunately, you can not encrypt multiple images at a time, which would facilitate creating a package to send to your contacts. Photographs must be encrypted one by one and there is no option to rename them for encryption. The name can only be changed after they are blocked (or before).


Even being completely in English, can not go wrong in its use because it has only two main flaps and the encryption / decryption is performed intuitively. Anyone can use it without problem. Understand the basics of the language is enough to understand the whole system.
Download Encrypics For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Download Encrypics For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

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