Download FB Mood Manipulator For Google Chrome

FB Mood Manipulator is an extension for Google Chrome  that does exactly what the name suggests: handles the “mood of your Facebook”.

Actually, what the app does is analyze and classify all the posts that your friends are on the social network and chooses only those you are to see. That is, if you want to see things upbeat and naturally does not aggressive content, FB Mood Manipulator can filter all this according to his will.

How to control

The extension applies a new element on your Facebook page in the top right corner of the screen. The new box called “Mood Manipulator” has four customizable options, making it possible “dose” each. “Positive”, “Emotional”, “Aggressive” and “Open” options are available corresponding to “positive”, “emotional”, “aggressive” and “open”, respectively. Dragging the slider to the left, you choose not to see the kind of post in question and to the right, the opposite happens.

This extension was made inspired by the study of humor made by Facebook in 2012 with almost 700 000 users of the social network. The filtering mechanism is the same used by the social network at the time, but, so it fully works only with posts in English. Still.


FB Mood Manipulator is an extension for Google Chrome  that allows you to choose what kind of content should appear in your Facebook news feed. The tool has four options to control the mood of the posts that appear to you and thereby shields you from negative things too much or even positive things too, if that is your desire.

In our tests, we realized that the FB Mood Manipulator works partially with posts made in Portuguese, since the mechanism developed for filtering was prepared only for English. Nevertheless, the results were interesting. Once you stir in some of the bars of filtration, the feed is fully recharged and some posts disappear according to your taste.


The usage is simple and the extension only shows his face when you load Facebook in Google Chrome and it happens directly on the site page. Thus, the browser is not polluted with tools you will use little.

Thus, we can say that it’s worth testing the FB Mood Manipulator and check what the actual hit rate filtering.

Download FB Mood Manipulator For Google Chrome

Download FB Mood Manipulator For Google Chrome