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Filelize is a program that allows the management of multiple cloud services. With it, you can organize and access the files that were recently opened, where whatever you are. The tool aims to reduce the time taken to search and filter a long list of content, searching for a specific file.

Filelize has iOS and Android applications however they serve only to help you to access a listing of files submitted to some cloud storage service. Additionally to delivering recent files for an online storage service, Filelize may also sync your browsing history.

The application works with various cloud services, including Box, Dropbox ,  Google Drive and OneDrive . As it is always executed from the background system, you can continue using your computer normally and only access it when needed.

First steps

For the software to function properly, you must have installed on the client machine from the cloud storage service, thus aiming to allow automatic upload of documents. Moreover, it is necessary to make a registration on the site of the developer stating name, last name, email and password. You must also indicate which cloud service is used along with Filelize.

You are not required to login to the cloud service when making the record in the application, even when you install and run the machine Filelize. However, it is essential that the client and the cloud service are running simultaneously when the hosting is done. If the client is not installed on the PC, the tool itself will offer option to download it.

Save and automate

When working properly, the tool will automatically save your work when you are working in your chosen service. No matter you are accessing content from the local computer, network or an attachment in email. That way, you do not need to worry about moving, copying or sending data to the cloud.

Whenever the software complete the process, it displays a notification in the menu located next to the system clock icon. It also displays the list of files located in the same folder. With that, just a few clicks to trigger them.

Quick access

Whenever you open an app and close it, the Filelize will add it in the “Recent” folder in Dropbox or another service of your choice. You can access the list of all the documents hosted in the cloud via the application itself or by the service page.


The cloud storage services are a good way to keep safe copies of data saved on the machine. However, access to hosted documents can be somewhat tricky if you overdo the sending data. With Filelize, the task is simplified, since it helps you to organize your data in an intuitive manner.

Besides the synchronization process documents, the tool also syncs your browsing history. This way you can continue browsing the internet from different devices. Anyway, Filelize is a good way to organize and access recently opened documents on different machines.

Download Filelize For Android, iOS, Windows

Download Filelize For Android

Download Filelize For iOS

Download Filelize For Windows

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