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The FL Studio is a powerful tool for creating and editing music for Windows , whether you’re a beginner or have experience in the business. With many functions, it is possible to create songs of different styles, as the program comes with a sample library (sounds) battery, virtual instruments and even loops ready. All to make it easier to produce your tracks.

As the name implies, the program specializes in creating loops through the Patterns. You can create a battery driven simply by dragging the instrument sounds – box, bass drum, cymbals etc. – for these Patterns and thus choose where each sound enters the loop. It is possible to create several Patterns, each driven with a different battery. After the creation of Patterns, simply add them to the playlist and build your music.

To play without percussion instruments, like a piano, for example, a program with a more suitable function, the Piano Roll. It allows you to play chords and melodies make their preference is guiding the notes of a keyboard / piano. It is also possible that these melodies or chords are repeated in a loop, because the very piano roll is part of a pattern.

In addition, the program has many features such as the ability to import files from external audio for the program – a guitar solo, for example. EQs, synths and effects like reverb, delay and echo are also present. If you use other programs such as Pro Tools or Sonar, you can work with FL Studio integrated them through ReWire function.

The FL Studuio is a program for composing and editing music or audio, packed with features and with an incredibly intuitive interface. If you ever wanted to produce your own music, surely this is the complete program to get everything.


FL Studio 11 is the ideal base to start producing his own music at home program. Packed with functions combined with a practical interface, it has everything you need to start creating right now your music tracks.

Through Patterns, create loops or drum and carried various instruments such as synthesizers and a bass line. To make life easier when creating melodies or chords, the piano roll function is specified, it uses the notes of a piano / keyboard in creating these harmonic lines.

In addition, the program comes with many fancy effects like reverb, echo, delay and wah wah. It also has a large library of synths, basses and even virtual guitars! If you use another program to produce, like Pro Tools, ReWire function integrates the two sotfwares, opening a wide range of possibilities when composing.

In short, for you who want to start now producing their music or is already in the business for a while, FL Studio is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Download now and let your imagination guide you through the world of music.

FL Studio

Download FL Studio

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