Download GOM Media Player For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

GOM Player is a program for Windows that plays various formats of audio and video. Bringing together the best features of existing players, the app is completely free, has intuitive controls and comes with numerous audio and video encoders.

With it, the user can aumentr compatibility with multimedia computer files, and even insert and configure subtitles in movies and series that are stored on your hard drive.

Ideal for the “orphans” of Winamp, the audio and video is easy to use and has many options to customize its activities beyond the colors and design of your appearance.

Convenient and customizable

Concentrating its main controls on the top and bottom bars of its interface, GOM Player also allows you to access all functions by clicking the right mouse button on your window.

The screen has a software control that changes the opacity of all your interface and quick access to list your playlist and settings for small image of the video and aspects of reproduction of sound or subtitles.

In addition, GOM Player has a preference pane that displays all your settings and customization options more didactic, ensuring access to a central shortcuts where you can assign functions to keyboard commands or mouse movements.


With an extremely simple and straightforward appearance, GOM Player is a player for audio and video that stands out for its intuitive and highly customizable commands.

Despite having a practical, organized and intuitive interface, the application only has support for the English language and its buttons and controls are displayed in very small sizes, which can hinder rather an initial adaptation.

With a high compatibility, GOM Player already comes with several codecs installed and supports the download of virtually any plug-in. In addition, the commands and the program interface are fully customizable by the user.

The application is very efficient and functional, allowing users to create shortcuts for commands on the keyboard or mouse movements to display a series of buttons and controls along its interface, including a slider bar to adjust the opacity of your window.

Download GOM Media Player For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

Download GOM Media Player