Download K-Lite Codec Pack For Windows


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The K-Lite Codec Pack brings compatibility codecs to watch videos on your windows . The program frees you to discover just in time to see a movie that your software ( Windows Media Player , VLC , etc.) do not have the codec needed to play it.

Codecs are decoders and encoders of information of media files and signals. They make it possible to play videos, movies, audio, series, among others. Many operating systems do not have these encoders thus would need to search for them on the internet.

However, with the K-Lite Codec’s no need to find codecs separately because it brings together all in one package. This pack makes your life much as it brings together in a single download, the major codecs currently used (and some not so, but that may be useful at some point).


Created with total focus on the user, application usage is quite transparent. There is no need, for example, choose which player will open AVI files and MP4 files which will open once the K-Lite Codec has built-in Media Player Classic , a nothing player in innovative design, but it works perfectly.

Part of the development of this package involves testing the codecs included, so that is only accepted when those responsible for the K-Lite confirm that it works correctly.

Another advantage to choose this codec pack is that files are always up to date and thus ensure greater compatibility and better functioning.

New codecs

With a varied collection of codecs for reading video formats, the package includes DirectShow, VFW / ACM codecs, and tools. There are also new decoders and filters, as newer versions of Windows Media Player Classic Home Cinema , ffdshow, Lav, AC3, VP7, among others.

Besides having codecs for playback on systems Quicktime and Realplayer , K-Lite Mega Codec Pack includes the presence of Windows Media Player Classic in his body of data. This is an interesting who has no other player other than Windows Media Player on your PC addition. Or, for those who want to use a file player that requires less memory consumption in exercising their functions.


Install K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is very similar to installing other programs. You only need to be careful about which codecs should be added. Therefore, the default installation option potentially causes any type of audio and video file to be opened on your PC.

If you wish to add to your WMPC the machine, make sure the option for that program to be flagged for installation. Pay attention, however, to disable the inclusion of programs that exchange specifications of your computer, such as the option to install the toolbar Start Now, permission to change the initial home page and default search system.


The software can be installed in various ways, from the simplest to the Basic Full with all codecs. The best option, however, is the Standard, which has the main codecs used in everyday life. They are: AVI, DirectVobSub (for subtitle); ffdshow, FLV, Matroska, MP4, MPEG, MPEG-2, Ogg

Download K-Lite Codec Pack and has a full program, with various codecs!
Download K-Lite Codec Pack For Windows

Download K-Lite Codec Pack For Windows

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