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Kanto Karaoke Player is a player specialized in dealing with songs made for karaoke. With it, you can drop the voice, convert files and make recordings, with several customization options. Using it, you can turn your computer into a real Karaoke machine.

The player is able to recognize various formats of music files and video. However, it is worth remembering that his focus is dealing specifically with karaoke standards, such as MP3, MID, KAR, MP3 + CDG. Besides these, you can play videos in AVI, WMV, MP4 etc..

Live performance

If you’re the kind of uninhibited person, you can drop the voice and control your performance in real time. To create your setlist, simply use the “Live Performance” section – which is located in the lower right corner of the software – and click the “Add Song” button. That way, you can manage all your music and videos included in the list.

The tool also has the system of Cross Fade. With it, you can switch from one song to another without interruption or abrupt stops, ie smoothly. You can customize the transition value, and the default is 3000 milliseconds. If you want to customize this value, navigate to the “Edit” menu and enter another number. If you do not like the look of the software, you can exchange it. Click the “Edit” button and go to “Skins” option.

The tool contains models “TabletDark”, “Amakrits”, “Auric”, “Glossy”, “Obsidian” and “Carbon”. It is also possible to change the language of the program, but there is no option for Brazilian Portuguese. In the “Input Devices” option, you select which are the devices that will be the basis for the Kanto Karaoke Player. It is important that you select the “Microphone” option and use – preferably – a USB microphone to sing.

Recording everything

If you enjoy singing and have always dreamed of making his own recordings, the player can also help you. With it, you can combine the music as a base and use his voice on it. Then you can export the results in MP3 and share your songs with anyone. The “Dual Display” option allows you to separate the player on a single screen, while music is presented in both windows.

To start recording, you must open the song and click the red circle, in the central part of the program. At the end of the task, click the Record button again to stop it. Notice that on the left there is a new module called “Recording Settings”. Double click on it and options to adjust echo, reverb and volume are displayed.

Conversion System

The tool, is also included a conversion method. With it, you can convert and enhance the quality of songs in MIDI and KAR format. To access this function, click on “File” and select the “Convert MIDI to MP3” option. A new window appears from which you must indicate the place of origin and file location to save it.

If you want to create an MP3 file without the melody track, simply check the “Remove Track 4” box. That done, click the “Start” button and the software will start the conversion process. As this is a free version of the program, you can only change one minute of content.

If you want to convert the whole song and want to access most functions of the software, you must purchase a license.


Anyone who has been to a karaoke know how annoying it is to deal with those professional machines. Generally, they have dozens of buttons and manual adjustments that are very complicated to use – especially if the device is Japanese. With the Kanto Karaoke Player, everything is easier, because the tool offers direct options and features lists organized music. Thus, one need not worry about pressing multiple buttons or navigate menus.

Visually, the well tool is minimal. Customization options are not many, but they are enough to drop the voice and control the execution of files. In addition, the software has several options for skin to leave it more beautiful. However, there is an error in the application that overrides some buttons on the menus.

One point that needs to be improved is the video player. In it, you can not mount images or animations with random scenes (as is generally shown in karaoke) to illustrate the song. There is only option to view the lyrics.

The system voice recording tool is very efficient. With just one click, you can use the functions of karaoke and sing along with the lyrics. Then just send the file to friends or try your luck at YouTube.
Download Kanto Karaoke Player For Windows
Download Kanto Karaoke Player For Windows

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