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MEO Cloud is a cloud storage service that allows you to synchronize up to 16 GB of files between your devices. You only need to have the application installed on your computer, smartphone or tablet and have unrestricted access to your files anywhere in the world.

In addition to a version for Windows, MEO Cloud Apps for Android , iOS, Windows Phone and Mac OS X. That way, you do not need to worry about synchronization problems because of incompatibility of platforms. The storage system also allows you to manage your cloud from any browser, with an advanced interface, through which you can take care of all the devices connected to your account.

Automatic synchronization
Like its competitors, MEO Cloud creates a folder synchronization under Windows. Thus, all the files you put in this directory will be stored locally and then will be sent to the cloud. Mobile devices can access them after download, but PCs and Macs instantly receive documents without your interference.

To start using the MEO Cloud, you must first create an account on the Service site.After that, you must check the email entered the inbox and click an activation link. At this point you can start the installation of MEO Cloud on your computer. Choosing the option of simplified installation, you only need to confirm your login in a browser window, and moments, synchronization should start.


The cloud storage services have been distributed worldwide, but most do not offer much free space. Many are limited to 2 GB and up to 7 GB, but it may seem when you actually have many files. In such cases, you can use the MEO Cloud, a cloud service that offers free 16 GB of space for any user. Otherwise, you can keep your documents synchronized on virtually all your devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers.

It may seem that the big difference in MEO Cloud is the free space that it offers. Still, you can find competitors who come close. Thus, this service calls attention to the compatibility with various platforms and a website in quite simple and fully featured web for you to control everything that happens in your cloud.

The MEO Cloud Platform website has a very interesting interface, with a beautiful and modern look, but without exaggeration in color or too much information on the screen. You should not get lost at some point, unless you can not decipher some unusual terms for European Portuguese. Either way, you get a sidebar to manage the content and check what is being sent and received. Moreover, you can create folders with ease, using just the right mouse button.

Several sharing options
Share folders and files through the MEO Cloud is easy too, but that does not mean you can not customize the sharing. You can create valid links for specific periods of time or indefinite, send the files to a certain group of people or leave it open to anyone with the link and much more. There are even integration with Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Installing Windows Synchronizer is a simple task, and you need not take more than three or four clicks to finish the procedure. Synchronized Service folder appears in your Windows Explorer sidebar, just as if you were using the SkyDrive or Google Drive.

Because of all this and a few other details, we can say that the MEO Cloud is a great escape for those who want to use a cloud storage service, but do not want to be limited to the traditional options of internet giants. Thus, it is worth testing.
Download MEO Cloud

Download MEO Cloud

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