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Mixxx is an open source tool designed for DJs, both amateur and professional. Offers a clean and simple interface, making life easier for those who work with music. Among the features to aid mixing, has highlighted to beat estimation and support various specific hardware for DJs

Launched in 2001, it fell to the taste of music professionals and partiers on call permanently, delivering valuable features, easy to use, and what is better, no charge. Although this is an old, and its structure is under constant improvement software, and each version features arise even better.


In its latest version, the program supports the most popular audio formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, and OGG; allows you to create lists of practices stuffed playback of effects, realize numerous EQ adjustments, and more.

The program provides two players in its interface that allow simultaneous playback of songs. Thus, the user can easily mix and assign different effects to the tracks individually. Each player brings their own EQ and effects. Among the features are the functions: Gain (Gain), High (treble), mid (middle), (bass) and Low Flanger effect button. In addition, you can view and modify the beats per minute (BPM) of each song.

Mixxx brings a simple to use and completely customizable interface, and allows recording of productions in WAV format.

Advanced Features

In addition to the traditional tools of mixing and equalization, Mixxx offers advanced features specifically targeted to experienced DJs who have all the equipment necessary. The main one is the “Vinyl Control”, which allows you to insert effects Scratching the tracks from audio discs user.

Still, who does not have this apparatus, can simulate the effect Scratching through a provision in the interface button Mixxx , kicking range and generates a very similar effect.


Despite not bringing much new, the Mixxx 1.8.2 remains a favorite from the list of professional and amateur DJs. The uncomplicated interface functions displayed on the screen and separate, allow the professional to work independently with more than one song. The audio treatment, how to gain, apply different effects or a simple equalization: (High (treble), mid (medium) (serious) Low already lead the merits of the program.

The modern interface, with buttons goals, since 2001, the year of its launch, manage to attract fans, who need beats estimates and apply effects in a good sound. For audio editing, special effects, the Mixxx is among the best in the category.

Download Mixxx

Download Mixxx