Download NetVideoHunter Downloader For Mozilla Firefox

The NetVideoHunter is a great solution to download videos from several different internet sites with just one click. The app is an extension for Firefox automatically identifies videos on a website and offers the option to download them, without you having no work to download.

With NetVideoHunter , you need not worry about having a program for each site videos from the internet, and not to follow complicated steps to finally be able to save movies to your computer. This is because the application will automatically all alone, and you only need to choose whether you want to download that video or not.

Once installed in Firefox , the NetVideoHunter automatically detects the video on a page you’re accessing, provided it is certain that the site plugin support. After that, the extension displays a window with two buttons: “Download” to download and save the video to your computer, or “Play” to just run.

The NetVideoHunter has compatibility with the following video sites:

Google Video;

NetVideoHunter Downloader

Download NetVideoHunter Downloader For Mozilla Firefox