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Photo Stamp Remover is a publisher of very specific images, which aims to help you get rid of watermarks present in a photograph.

Thus, you can eliminate this inconvenience, obtaining as a result a clean graphic to apply to your blog or in your written work, for example.

The program is able to apply the changes to multiple images at once, so that he can expedite the procedure for those who want to make correction in multiple files. However, this is a test version of the application, and although she perform the removal process, a new brand (the program) is added to the picture.

That brand

Often, the more you want to use an image, the fact that she has a watermark makes the idea is immediately abandoned. That’s because no matter how small the dial, she can make the final project quality is not the same as it can impoverish the illustration employed.

The Photo Stamp Remover is an application that serves to solve this kind of problem, so that you can leave your clean image. Moreover, the fact that he has a system of simple operation can make even beginners do not have the slightest difficulty to apply the changes.

The first step in using the program it is to add the images you want to correct. Simply click the “Add file (s)” button and find the files on your computer. Note that as soon as you load them, the list is displayed on the left side of the screen and clicking on any of the items for it to be placed in evidence at the interface.

Likewise, the main functions available are displayed in the form of a toolbar at the top of this screen. Furthermore, these items are also categorized by the existing menus on the tool.

Conducting the process

Once loaded the images, you can select the one for which you want to get the corrections by clicking it. Then you should mark the area in which is contained the watermark, choosing “Marker Selection” tool and highlighting the space with the help of the mouse, involving all the space occupied by the item.

Note that, to help highlight the accuracy of the size of the “brush” can be adjusted. Likewise, if errors occur, you can check the “Deselect” option to use the tool as a “rubber” and remove excess selection. Once everything is set as desired, simply click “Remove” or “Quick Remove” and wait for the procedure.

When done, you can see the results directly in the editor. To check on the original image, just click on “Original image” – action that shows a perspective photograph before the removal process is completed.


Photo Stamp Remover is a program that brings you the possibility to remove a watermark from an image without having to resort to a complete editor for the task. The program applies its function only the photos that are already loaded on your computer, not being able to capture direct illustrations of the internet or a social network.

The program performs its function in the same way large publishers. That is, it makes a “fix” in place of the brand, trying to reconstruct the image as it would be if there were no item. Thus, although the results can be great, there may also be cases in which the change is not perfect, as in other applications.

To improve the accuracy of the result, it is ideal that you try to select only the brand area, avoiding many excesses, as this action will cause the reconstruction is applied in a smaller space, making it more accurate. Results are immediately applied and if you do not like them, you can undo the change by means of the tool for the job offered.


This is a test version of the program and, as a limitation, a watermark is added to the application file when you save it on your computer – something even a bit ironic, given the function of the application. But one way you could get around the problem is to take a screenshot of the file in the editor itself.

Thus, you have to create a version of the image completely clean and suitable for use in the place where it is needed.

Simple and fast

The program interface is well organized and provides the functions grouped into sections, making it easy to find the desired change. In addition, the main tasks are also available in the form of button directly on the screen. Regarding the available commands, everything is applied by buttons, requiring only that you make the necessary actions to complete the process.

The removal procedure is extremely fast, causing you to not waste any more time than necessary to complete it. Another positive aspect of the software is the fact that it is lightweight and does not consume lots of system resources, so that it can be used without loss of performance from the machine.

Download Photo Stamp Remover For Windows XP, Vista
Download Photo Stamp Remover For Windows XP, Vista

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