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Pomelo is an image editor that allows you to make adjustments in your photos, and bring filters and frames to further enhance the results.

So you can make it even better those memories of a special day before to publish them in your albums online.

Moreover, to further improve their experiences, the program focusses on a style and user-friendly interface and brings their separate functions into tabs for easy time to find the desired item. Unlike many image editors, the Pomelo is extremely lightweight and can be used even in more modest machines without the risk of locking.

Repaginating photos

It is impossible not to idealize the perfect picture at the time you hit a photograph. So it is not unusual to have some frustration to look perfect “impaired” by a red eye or a detail in lighting time. Therefore, Pomelo can be the solution you sought to make touches to your photos.

It has powerful tools distributed in a less intimidating interface than that presented by some professional editors. Soon to open it, the application asks if you want to make an adjustment, a touch or apply effects. But do not worry, because regardless of the selected alternative, you can access all of them later.

Chosen action, start by selecting the image with which you will work on your computer. Subsequently, to load a new picture, just use the “Open” button. Once you have your image open, you can see that all program options are arranged in tabs.

Making adjustments

The first tab, “Edit”, brings several options that can be found in their categories. In “Adjust”, for example, you can apply patches “one-click” (for portraits, objects, scenarios or food) and make related adjustments to lighting, modifying the brightness, contrast, sharpness or saturation.

In group “Edit” are options to crop, rotate or resize the image, and “Text” you can enter a text in the picture. Finally, “Frame” brings different frames to apply to your photo.

Effects for all tastes

The program has a really large number of filters that are available in the “Effects” tab. This feature displays a small bar containing multiple categories and click makes them available effects are displayed prominently. In general, there is not any secret in using this function: just select the template you want to apply on the photo and click on it.

Including to facilitate your choice, see the thumbnails on the effects bar allow you to have a preview of the results. Likewise, when you select any of them, photography is also modified so that you can see how it will look with the chosen filter.

Boosting image

The “Retouch” guide is to make general adjustments related to details more “cosmetic”. Here, the options are also grouped into categories, and, in the first, “Auto”, you can change the tone of the photo, with several alternatives available. “Skin” brings to smooth functions, modify and correct acne skin tones.

In “Eyes”, you can solve the problem of red eyes and also increase the size of the eye, changing his color and soften dark circles. “Mouth” has the functions to whiten teeth and apply lipstick, among other simple adjustments. Finally, in “Slimming” you can increase or decrease the items contained in parts of the photograph.

When you finish your work, do not forget that you must save the changes so that no retouching is lost.

Review Pomelo

Pomelo is a program that brings an image editor with powerful features and simple operation mode. Thus, you can make various adjustments to your photos as well as apply filters and frames without the hassle of using a professional program for the task. Moreover, it is extremely light and does not leave your slow computer during use.

A positive feature of the program is the fact that it does not alter the image directly in the original file, making it necessary to save it as a new photo. On one hand it can be a little uncomfortable and involve more processes, you do not risk losing the photograph-based, allowing you to use it without changes or new creations.

Several filters

Regarding the filters, the program brings a lot of them, so that you do not hardly find several alternatives that may be of your liking. Moreover, they are separated into categories, making it easier to find a specific model that you already have in mind for the application.

Another interesting aspect is that the thumbnails offer a “preview” of the results and the same occurs when applying the filter to the image. Still speaking in decoration, the application also has a good amount of frames available to further complement the results.

Efficient correction system

Adjustments and retouching are also a strong point of the program. He brings worthy of a professional software tools, allowing to tweak and even completely change the lighting issues, and apply cosmetic fixes, if desired.

Even though it has a wide range of user-friendly features, all are a bit simpler than the versions present in professional editors. Besides being well organized and functions available in visual form, the application interface has an elegant appearance, making its use a pleasant one.

Regarding the available commands, everything is applied by buttons or scroll bars, and there are few cases where you need to set the location of the photo to the insertion of the resource.

Download POMELO For iOS

Download POMELO For iOS

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