Download Pro Tools 11 For Windows, Mac OS X

The Pro Tools is a software for audio production available for Mac and Windows that provides an environment with various tools so that the user can perform high quality mixing, recording, editing and composition, all quickly and easily.

With the software you can mix multiple audio formats (even in the same project) and bit depth in the same session, interleaved, without duplication (which often happens and makes it heavy). Your support with 32-bit floating point enables to obtain higher resolution for recording or importing.

Features of Pro Tools

First it is necessary to say that Pro Tools is a professional tool. That said, its interface really will seem (and is) very complicated for laymen. You can  customize the interface so that it looks the way you like to work.

The oreover, the user can  monitor vocal or instrumental performances of third parties through their shares. The program is designed to get you the maximum exchange of sessions.

The software offers over 70 effects to be applied to your mixes. There are high-quality reverbs, equalizers, compressors, emulators, guitar amps, converter surround channels, all you need to create professional results.

Now download the Pro Tools with the software, you can even capture audio from videos that are running on your computer or an online movie, for example, to use your audio with the highest quality enable it.


Pro Tools is a program for professional audio editing. Equipped with many tools for calculating the sound effects are also available to further enhance songs, newspaper interviews, personal videos etc..

The program offers many opportunities for professional editing of audio and is not suitable for the amateur editor, it requires technical skills for handling tools. This is not an intuitive program. In general, software professionals are equipped with many features and are not always clear and objective for the average user.

Have you video editor Avid’s are one step ahead of other professionals as well by knowing the type of interface that the company usually develop. And it’s not just the interface that has in common with Avid Pro Tools, the audio editor is integrated into the video, which is one of the strengths of the software.

That’s because those who use video editor know as well as audio tools are limited regarding the video. And to prepare a good video is not just the image that should be well built, the audio is a major factor too. Therefore, the integration of Pro Tools with Avid without transcoding, is so important and makes a difference in the final outcome of the work.


Download Pro Tools 11