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With remote control features, you can perform tasks remotely controlling your computer or notebook. This is quite practical for the simple fact that makes travel to the home of friends or even your office unnecessary – ie, you save time, petrol and even patience.

It turns out that this kind of work can also rely on another type of use, so to speak. We’re talking about one of the devices literally serve remote control to the other, so that you can control your computer standing two feet away from him, for example.

And this is exactly the function of QREMOTE Control software. Through the synchronization between an Android device and your computer, smartphone or tablet turns into the remote control of your computer. Thus, you will not need to lift your sofa to use almost all the features of your machine.


As you might guess, that the QREMOTE Control work properly, you need to install the application on your smartphone and also on your computer. To download the version for mobile devices.

Starting with the simple

With the version of software for computers, the work process is extremely simple. All you need to do is connect your machine to your internet (can be wired or WiFi) and open the QREMOTE Control soon as the download begins – a warning will be issued and it will start working immediately.

You do not need to take any further activity with the computer, just leave it on. With your smartphone, it will be possible to remotely control the mouse, typing, switch windows, open programs (or close them) and surfing the internet. All the features of your PC can be accessed via a smart phone or tablet Android.


Evaluating only version of QREMOTE Control for computers, it is clear that the program submit some very remarkable qualities. Firstly, to prepare your PC to be used remotely, all you need is to open the program – showing that the tool is extremely easy to use.

Another quality that can be also highlights the fact that the software is portable. Therefore, it requires no installation and can be used from a USB key on any machine. This feature shows that the program is very practical and can be used in many different moments – and who knows this “save your life”.

And does everything well straight

Because of the two qualities mentioned above, there is a big possibility that the QREMOTE Control is really helpful. It can serve for you to use two machines at the same time or just for you to watch a movie through the computer while lying in your bed, for example.

Besides all this, the integration of mobile computer device is made of really efficient way. Firstly, there is a noticeable delay to the commands happen, so you do not get stressed because of slowness, as well as will not let you use certain programs or action on behalf of QRemore Control.

Considering all that has been pointed out here, we can say that the program runs smoothly within their proposal. Thus, it is worth the download, even if it is for you to try a different synchronization between smartphones and computers. Enjoy!

Download QREMOTE Control

Download QREMOTE Control

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