Download RemoveWGA For Windows XP, Vista, 7

RemoveWGA  is a simple and extremely light tool, able to disable that insistent notification system that informs about the benefits of  Windows  original – which by the way, annoys many people.

The intent of the message, of course, are the best. After all, it prevents consumers from being ripped off when buying a computer that brings the installed system. But after checking and verifying the readability of the system, the message should disappear, insists appear, making the rest of the user.

With Remove WGA you can end this nuisance! Remember that the application does not intend to register Windows, it only removes the notification that the copy you have is pirated. Therefore, it is important to carry out validation of your copy of Windows to be able to have access to updates and support offered by  Microsoft .

The tool requires no installation and can be run directly at the end of the download form. The application works almost autonomously and requires no command or configuration by the user. Once started, it will act automatically and at the end of the process, will show a success message.  Download free Remove the WGA and disable, once the notifications from Windows!

Download RemoveWGA
Download RemoveWGA