Download Shazam on Windows 8

The  Shazam  is an app – available for Android , iOS , Windows Phone , BlackBerry and Windows 8 – that identifies what is the song that is playing without you having to do any kind of search on the Internet or call a friend. Just click the “Shazam” button to find out what it is that song you love and always plays on the radio, but you have no idea what the name or who sings it. Download Shazam now!

It is very simple to use tool, so start the music, you just need to click  Tag  and let the phone side of the sound. After that, Shazam shows the name of the artist and song.

Besides this excellent function to recognize the songs, the Shazam application also provides information from various artists, as a day of concerts, discography, album synopsis, biography and other information for you to know a little more about the band / singer (a). If wanted, the app also lets you check out videos posted on YouTube .

Shazam also lets you buy the sound directly from Amazon and iTunes to be able to play it whenever you want on your computer or mobile device. If you want to share the result with your friends, the app lets you publish the name of the song on  Twitter ,  Facebook , Google+ or even send via email.

Download now Shazam and always know what is the song that’s playing!


Shazam is one of those applications that, without doubt, is to be on your smartphone or tablet music lovers. All this because he puts an end to that annoying question: “what’s this song that’s playing” In a few seconds, you not only find out who is singing and song name, but also stay inside the show dates of the artist, venue for buying tickets, genre, album review, discography, biography, link to YouTube, the date it was tagada (heard by the cell) and location. That is, the app can be considered a true digital music encyclopedia. And best of all: it is free – which is a plus point for being a lean application.

With a beautiful and practical interface, the app has great performance and brings no trouble understanding. Indeed, it has been frequently update and won a version to further facilitate those users who have not mastered the English language. Additionally, Shazam was interactive and today you can find Facebook friends who also use Shazam and comment in the app feed the songs they walked identifying. Another way of interactivity is to publish your activities on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to share their musical experiences.

Another plus point of Shazam is the accuracy of your information. He is able to identify very few in the 2nd any piece of music and thus consult its extensive database of YouTube who comes most often. With that he stands out from other apps by hitting over 80% of the time, besides having imilitadas tags, meaning you can search how many songs as you want.

Remember that for the application to work you need to have your mobile device connected to the Internet. Otherwise, it will fail to identify the song. It is also recommended to put it right next to where the song is playing and the site is less noise as possible. All this so that the device captures the ASAP soundtrack.

The negative points are due to the Shazam app does not provide the lyrics, since he brings so much information about the artist, album etc.. Also, you will notice that some songs do not show the previous 30 seconds.


Download Shazam on Windows 8