Download Stardock Multiplicity 2 For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X


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Stardock Multiplicity 2 is a useful program for those who need to use more than one computer at the same time, it allows the use of just one set of keyboard and mouse. That is, if you need to use three different computers and they are next to each other, this program removes the need for you to switch places to use a different PC, just move the mouse outside the bounds of the screen to access the content of others .

To function properly, Stardock Multiplicity need those computers are on the same network. However, you do not need to configure almost anything at the time of install. The only thing you really need to do is select which computer responsible for leading others and to indicate the other as secondary PCs, allowing access from the primary.

Stop wasting time
During the initial startup of Stardock Multiplicity, the program displays a screen in which you must indicate if the computer on which it is installed should be considered primary or secondary. Whatever the choice, there is a key in the upper left corner of the window that allows you to switch between the two modes with just one click. If the PC is said to be the principal, you must indicate the name of the other computer and your password.

To have this password, you need to install Stardock Multiplicity also on the computer you want to control remotely by selecting the NIM after software installation. When both are connected, you can open “Settings” to configure shortcut keys, allowing you to quickly switch control between the two PCs without having to move the mouse beyond the boundaries of the monitor.

When the computer is as secondary PC, the only options you can change are relative to their connectivity. Ie, you can restrict connections to be made ​​only from a network or from a specific IP, show the program icon in the system bar ( systray ), change the encryption key for the connection and change the password of the your secondary PC.


The appearance of Stardock Multiplicity is the best feature of the program, since it makes the identification of the simplest options, which is also due to its organized interface. Use the options of the program is extremely easy, because they are not too many. Basically, you can configure hotkeys to switch the PC being used quickly, something which is very convenient and saves you time.

The limitation you can connect with just two other computers is not really something too restrictive, however, not be sharing a Clipboard and use PCs connected as if one is a huge problem for Stardock Multiplicity one Since there are free software with this possibility (only a paid version has these functions).

Something that is not very practical is the fact that you need to have all monitors of PCs connected by hand, because you do not have a view of the screen controlled from the primary computer. That is, if you’re picking a PC that is far, there is no way of knowing what you are actually doing, because there is no way to see your screen.

The Stardock Multiplicity lets you connect to other computers via direct access by IP or those PCs connected to a common network. That is, the program is very comprehensive and easy to use different computers simultaneously. In this respect, it is also a good choice if you do not want to transfer files and do not plan to make use of it very complex, because there is no delay and the commands you use other PCs normally.

Download Stardock Multiplicity

Download Stardock Multiplicity 2

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