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Stylish for Mozilla Firefox is an add-on for  the Mozilla browser  that aims to change the color scheme of the web pages.

With it, you can customize the sites you visit, changing the color scheme, leaving the more streamlined layout or even eliminated irrelevant content.

The application functions integrated into a site on which models are available for customization. Therefore, all changes are possible within these styles you can choose and apply.

Changing the Face
All sites have a visual identity created by its developer, with the aim of they are remembered by people. However, some take years to have any kind of change, both in the color scheme as the organization and display of on-screen functions.

Therefore, many may end up tired of seeing a page always with the same colors or full of features that you do not always use. The Stylish for Mozilla Firefox  is an extension that allows you to choose a varied look to various web pages, bringing changes color and function in some cases.

Using the complement
Soon to install the extension in Firefox, it provides a small button present after the address bar of the browser. So whenever you are accessing a site, you can get different styles that are available for it. This is done by clicking on the add icon and choosing the alternative “Find more styles for this site.”

Then a new window opens, bringing the options available for the requested page and to choose the model that best represents your personal taste. When you find a style that you like, simply click “Install with Stylish”. Done so in its next access to the page in question, it will be with the scheme already applied.

Likewise, you can see a model or swap to a site chosen by the alternative “Manage installed styles” in addition. Also, whenever you access a page to which you have different models, a counter appears on the extension icon, indicating how many of them are available.


Stylish for Mozilla Firefox  is an add-on that brings a non-essential to the browser function, but it is for you to change the way you view certain pages on the internet. The function is purely aesthetic, but a few models that seek to optimize websites by removing “unnecessary” or wiping the visual options.

The major limitation of the application is the fact that he only accept pre-developed without the chance of you ride a different page layout for a model. However, there are a lot of styles available, and certainly many of them should be according to your personal taste for viewing certain websites.

The schemes have various color combinations, making it difficult to not be able to find a to your liking. Applying a style is very simple, since all you need to do is push a button, letting the rest of the settings be entirely up to the complement.

Likewise, the management of pre-installed themes and choosing one of them is also an easy and completed task with few clicks. If you’re tired of always having the same look in some Internet services, it is worth testing the Stylish for Mozilla Firefox .
Download Stylish for Mozilla Firefox

Download Stylish for Mozilla Firefox

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