Download Video Overlay Filter For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

Video Overlay Filter is a program able to add several powerful features to your videos. Through it, you can enhance your productions with varied choices of filters and effects that should further enhance content.

Video Overlay Filter lets you insert images and text in unlimited quantity, and watermarks. You can also customize the size and color of the font of your text, as well as the outline and shadow letters.

With Video Overlay Filter, you can customize the alpha blending of text and image, and duration of overlapping text and image display, and customize the angle of the text and image overlay. The program can also be used during capture for processing video in real time, during conversion or during playback of media files.


Video Overlay Filter has powerful features, but at the same time simple editing. Through the program, you can add many cool features that promise to enhance your videos, making them more professional and customized.

The functions of Video Overlay Filter is directed especially to the post-production of their videos. Once finished, you can use the program to add text, images and watermarks to leave their much more powerful productions.

Not for laymen

However, the program does not have an unfriendly interface. Quite the contrary: the customization can be an extremely difficult task for most lay users. There is no video presentation or tutorial to help with the process. Video Overlay Filter does not count even with a help menu.

Therefore, the program is more for people who are familiar with the standards of adjustments offered by the application, such as X and Y position, weight, height, angle, length, alpha channel and more. So you can perform any task in Video Overlay Filter, you will need to master these concepts.

Interesting functions

The functions of Video Overlay Filter is very popular and work very well. Despite the somewhat confusing parameters to adjust, insert a picture or text is relatively simple, which should help in the post-editing process.

The application is a DEMO version, so it has some limitations. But that does not stop you can make some decent work. Video Overlay Filter is extremely practical, although not as simple to work, but should be very handy for those already used to this type of customization.

Download Video Overlay Filter

Download Video Overlay Filter