Download Weeny Free Cleaner For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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Weeny Free Cleaner is a cleanser that allows you to keep your windows clinking. The app can clean up a lot of system resources, including temporary files, corrupted records, navigation data and many others. Other than that, the app can delete folders and documents from your hard drive in a way that may never be recovered, bringing more security to you.

The program interface is divided according to the main tasks it performs. At the top of the window, you can check options like “System Cleaner” that performs cleanup of temporary files, browsing data, Windows records and eliminates old drivers. Then you can check the “System Tewak” option, which allows you to undo all that was done with the program, if you have deleted something important by accident.

More tools

In the “Secure Deletion” tab you will find options to delete your files securely. Ie, that no one ever recover these documents, even with professional recovery programs. Finally, in the “Shortcuts Fixer” tab, you can fix all the program shortcuts on your Desktop or Start Menu that are not working properly.

With all these options, Weeny Free Cleaner can be used for a multitude of situations, including periodic maintenance you can do in the system from time to time to keep everything running.


Weeny Free Cleaner is a tool that helps you keep your computer clean ever day. The app can eliminate several types of unnecessary files and registry entries corrupted the system that only hinder PC performance in general. Otherwise, one of the highlights of Weeny Free Cleaner is the feature that deletes folders and documents in a way that makes it impossible to recover any recovery tool available today.

The interface Weeny Free Cleaner is not the most interesting, both visually and in Question practical. The construction of it had little aesthetic concern and the result was a somewhat jagged appearance, featuring icons that look like known from somewhere. Otherwise, the organization is not very interesting. When you click the options in the top of the page, new windows open and you never know exactly how to start the scans of each type, since they all have different buttons and mechanisms, which hampers usability.,

Good results
Anyway, in our tests, we achieved great results with Weeny Free Cleaner. It worked without any problems and all their tools were able to perform their proper tasks, even though some have very long to complete, as the function that permanently deletes folders from hard disks. Moreover, virtually everything is done quickly.

Thus, we can say that it is worth using the Weeny Free Cleaner, mainly for their differences from other cleaners, which typically allow only end up with temporary files and corrupted records. The application can do this, remove old drivers and even delete folders with security level of the NSA, which may never be recovered. Therefore, if the problems of interface does not bother you, it’s worth doing the test with the program.

Weeny Free Cleaner

Download Weeny Free Cleaner For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

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