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The Windows Media Player 12 is a media player from Microsoft and is part of the software package offered for Windows . Its 12th version, pre-installed in the operating system, brings minor changes to the player that plays far more files. These include Flip Video and unprotected audio accounts of iTunes .

In this version, the program eliminates the need to download codecs for abir popular formats like 3GP, AAC, AVCHD, MPEG-4, WMV, WMA, AVI, DivX, MOV, and Xvid. It does not support the format. RMVB. Windows 7 has codecs for DVD playback feature that was left out in Windows 8. The issue can be circumvented with downloading third-party apps or purchase Media Center Pack.

Normal and compact

The software has different views. The simplest, “running”, shows only buttons and information needed as track name, playback and back to the library controls, plus an image that may be the album cover or other video and photo that is playing – making the simplest view. Have the “library” mode lets you control multiple resources to access and organize the collection.

Organize, transmit and create playlists

Besides organizing content into categories, the application allows remote control of the player, with access to playlists using other computers. Useful feature for the user who wants to get songs and videos from your PC while traveling.

Creating a playlist is very simple, just drag items from the details pane of the library to the list. The list can be saved for future playback.

Play, burn and synchronize

Tabbed browsing is another factor that aids in use, which divides shares into “play”, “record” and “sync” in three new tabs on the right side of the screen. The application helps to organize collections and also syncs files with portable devices and online shopping content. The system searches for data on your computer to add them to the player that supports audio, video, images, and recorded TV file.

You can create a media library using folders from other local libraries on your PC or from external devices such as a portable hard drive, mp3 player, tablet and some smartphones. Or, add music from CD stored on the computer.

In addition to synchronizing devices, you can save playlists with your favorite songs on a recordable CD and then play them in any CD player out of your computer. It is good to remember that he is also not available for Windows RT (mobile version). Download the free Windows Media Player check its functionality!


With easy navigation and lightweight, Windows Media Player 12 is a good player in evolution, which no longer requires as many codecs. With so simplified viewing and good organization of the collection, is ideal for those who want to listen to music or playing movies on your home computer is having to download a third party software.

One of the best features let you take your library anywhere, allowing remote access, linked to a Microsoft ID. Trips, visits to relatives or a simple gathering of friends can be more fun with their music and videos.

With a more complete package of supported formats, extra downloads are on account only of good plug-ins offered by developers. They allow you to customize the player with skins, visualizations and other accessories of audio and video.

Therefore, the efficiency together with its modern look, new features and ease of use, keeps the Windows Media Player 12 as one of the most viable and popular options among players of video and music. Well worth downloading!

Windows Media Player 12

Download Windows Media Player 12 For Windows

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