Download WinRAR For Windows , Mac , Linux and Android


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The WinRAR is a program for Windows , Mac , Linux and Android , used by over 500 million users worldwide to compress and extract files. Its main attribute is the ability to reduce the space occupied by a file on the hard disk, allowing you to store more documents on your computer, and also transfer text, photos, videos or games on faster internet. Be sure to download WinRAR and get the best file archiver in the world!

How WinRAR works

WinRAR compresses documents in RAR and ZIP formats, the most popular for compression. The reduced space achieved varies, since some files like videos, may already be compressed, resulting in a small reduction when compressed. Text, on the other hand, tend to take up less disk space when compressed as well.

You can even meet several of them into one. RAR or. ZIP, facilitating the organization of their work and sharing. The software also has the advantage of being very fast. It uses all processor cores to accelerate the task of compressing and extracting, although, consequently, much of its ends abusing RAM.

How to unzip files

If you want to unzip a folder or file, just click on it with the right mouse button and choose “Extract files”. There is also the possibility to perform a double click on the zipped file. Once the interface opens, the user must choose the “Extract to” function.

After that, you can define methods to replace and update files. And also choose the directory in which to store the content that will be unpacked. The process takes just seconds and there is the availability to view the progress of the operation in real time across the screen.

Division into volumes

The application allows you to split a file into smaller volumes. This is the solution found by many users to transfer files on the web, since it eliminates the risk of having to restart a download from the beginning in case the internet fall.

Just start from the volume that was downloading. Who keeps files larger than 4 GB can also benefit, since hard drives in FAT32 format does not allow the storage of documents of this size.

Some sizes are suggested for each volume fit on a CD, DVD or hard drive FAT32, but the user can set this limit as you want. Though only compress RAR and ZIP files, the service is able to unpack these files and many other formats: 7zip , ISO, TAR, JAR, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, GZip, UUE, BZ2 and Z.

Password protection

You can protect confidential documents with the tool. When you compress a particular file, there is the option to assign a password to it.  Simply click the “Advanced” tab and then “Set password”. When a user is unpack RAR or ZIP, you must enter this password to access the file. The encryption used is the 128-bit AES, one of the safest.

Besides the issue of privacy, the application has a repair tool that works when just download fails when the progress bar is at 99%. Thus, it helps the user to retrieve the download without losing everything.

By downloading the program, you will get a free license for only 40 days, but it remains running after this period. Some extra features are disabled, although it is possible to continue compressing and extracting files without problems. Now download the WinRAR and enjoy the most used compression program on the market!

Download WinRAR For Windows , Mac , Linux and Android

Download WinRAR For Windows

Download WinRAR For Mac

Download WinRAR For Linux

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