Download Zune Software For Windows XP, Vista


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The  Zune Software is a Microsoft program used to sync music from your computer to the Zune HD, but can also be used as the music collection for those who do not have the MP3 player manager.

One of the strengths of the Zune software  is your interface, extremely friendly and that even remotely resembles that of Windows Media Player . The user will be able to view the album covers you have, having a much more rich and visual experience. Also this application is no animation and special effects that make its much more dynamic and enjoyable use.

Features Zune

The Quickplay is a feature that allows you to have easy access to contents that are most popular and which are consumed more frequently. Like listening to music from Michael Jackson? You can have access to everything related to singer with one click. If you prefer podcasts, you can also view new episodes downloaded from a shortcut on the home screen Zune.

Help the user to discover new artists and songs that are similar is also among the goals of Microsoft Zune Software. Smart DJ depends on the internet connection to function properly. It scours the entire music library and exchange information with databases from Microsoft in order to make recommendations. The user must choose the first song, which will give rise to a playlist created by Zune with songs related to it. The process is very easy, and the best: really works.

A mosaic of all that is music content on your PC. This is the definition of this Mixview on Zune Player, a display mode that shows album art and photos of artists on the screen with your computer. More than that, the Mixview also shows connections between artists and albums, creating a web of information from that exta already stored on the hard drive of your machine.


Who has not experienced will be amazed at the interface “almost” Windows 8 Zune style. While most computer software is manipulated through intuitive navigation interfaces or by opening the menu, click on windows, Zune, it’s almost as if you were browsing a large image. And even though the title bar and status windows are standard in the window, this style can win or scare users.

Once you get used to the interface is interesting to use the program and it is discovered that beneath the pretty face (or strange, it’s your choice), it has everything you need to manage well your gadget and your media with pretty style.

Indeed, beauty is something that does not lack in that program. The way he changes his face to every screen accessed, causes the user does not get bored with your interface and consequently pass to use it more.

For those accustomed to a traditional standard Windows interface with menus and everything else, it takes some time to use it fluently or more comfortably. But the learning curve is small, because all elements are visual and intuitive, regardless of the interface.

Download Zune Software For Windows XP, Vista

Download Zune Software

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