Dr.Web Anti-virus Free Download For Android, Windows XP, 7, 8, Mac, Linux

Dr.Web Anti-virus is a program that offers an effective antivirus detection of all types of threats, protection, real-time anti-rootkit technology, protection of e-mail, and firewall.

Dr. Web Antivirus successfully cleans the newly released files and boot viruses, quite often (a few days) an updated antivirus program.

Manufacturer website Linux versions are also available. The demo version of the heuristic scan and file maintenance (cure) is not available. In addition, the unlimited use all its features.

Dr.Web anti-virus program just does not prevent any other programs that can harm your computer, corrects or deletes the files to be deleted.

Packet Dr.Web Anti-Virus includes the following modules: Dr.Web Scanner – scans by user selected objects, memory, start-up files, and processes. Antivirus Monitor SpIDer Guard – resident component that checks in real time opened / saved files and blocking access to dangerous objects. Mail Monitor SpIDer Mail – Real-time scan messages received by the protocol POP3/IMAP4/NNTP as well as those sent via the SMTP protocol. Dr.Web command line scanner – scans by user selected objects, memory, start up files, and processes. Dr.Web Updater – download the update application databases and modules of Dr.Web. Dr.Web Schedule – Schedule module that inspects the software update Dr.Web anti-virus!

Dr.Web Anti-virus Free Download
Among Them :

  •     Email viruses
  •     File viruses
  •     Trojans
  •     Hidden viruses
  •     Multi-layered viruses
  •     Macro viruses
  •     MS Office viruses
  •     Script viruses
  •     Spyware
  •     Keyloggers
  •     Dailerlar
  •     Adware
  •     Detected
  •     Hack programs
  •     Rear doors
  •     Malicious scripts
  •     Spam
  •     Scamming. pharming, phishing messages
  •     And other malicious programs.

Dr.Web Anti-virus Free Download For Android

Dr.Web Anti-virus Free Download For PC