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The Life Drive is an application that serves to identify hardware devices present on your computer and make a check against the drivers installed for each of them. That way you will know if you are missing any of them in the machine and even identify items that are out of date.

The program performs its function automatically, and a great alternative for you wipe out this problem. The application is very light, and not consume many resources, you can run it and use your computer normally, without risk of slowdowns or crashes.

All day

When we bought the computer, it is usually optimized at the factory with respect to its components. However, to improve their parts, developers often update the drivers with relative frequency, making corrections or improvements. Thus, the ideal is that you always try to maintain an updated machine.

This is because when such programs are found on older versions (or even absent), may compromise the performance of the hardware, caused even indirectly, problems in the machine and compromising the performance in general. With the Drive The Life, you will have a simple way to make such a check.

The program has a simple interface, focused on usability, with all functions directly on the screen. Thus, it is easy to operate, even for those who do not have much affinity with diagnostic tools.

Finding old drivers

Soon to open the program it undertakes to perform the analysis automatically and you can track the progress of real-time operation, through the display on the screen progress bar. once the procedure, you may notice that the problems encountered are now listed on the screen.

They are separated into sectors according to the type of occurrence and there is also displaying details about the item. So to perform to fix the problem, simply select the entries in which the operation will be performed and click the “Repair” button present on the screen. That done, check that the data is updated on the screen.

That is, you can follow the progress of all operations, from downloading the new component to the installation and completion of the procedure.

Review Of Drive The Life

Drive The Life is a tool that performs a very important function in your computer, which is to check how the machine are the drivers. As it is essential that they are up to date for the proper functioning of the components, the application is certainly interesting for you to analyze your machine and make sure nothing is missing.

The program interface is well organized and provides its functions in cylindrical shape. Moreover, it separates tabbed options to facilitate time for you to choose the type of scan you want to perform. Entering into any of the tabs, the analysis is performed automatically, without any manual configuration.

Additionally, the application provides a button for you to update the screen data, ensuring that the information is really the most correct. The process is also very fast, displaying the results in a short time and not leaving quite slow machine during the procedure.

Another interesting aspect is that the list is separated by type of occurrence, facilitating the recognition of which is the reported problem. If you opt for the correction, the program finds the drivers on the Internet for you, makes the download and installation – something that many programs in this category do not. Some fixes may require the computer to be restarted, but when this is the case, the fact is informed on the screen.

Similarly, the whole process is very fast, taking only a few minutes for completion. So if you want to know if your machine has a problem with the drivers – and make the uncomplicated fix the problem – certainly worth a test drive The Life.


Drive The Life Download

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