G Data InternetSecurity 2014 Special Edition protects up to four PCs and Android


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It is increasingly common for a user to have more than one device at home, between traditional PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. To cope with this trend, G Data has launched a special edition of its security tool InternetSecurity 2014 that protects while up to four different computers, two computers and two smartphones or tablets with the operating system Android . This promotion is available at the same price you can buy a traditional license G Data InternetSecurity 2014, 35 euros . We have all the features of this complete security tool.

G Data InternetSecurity 2014

G Data Internet Security 2014 is the security solution company Intermediate German consumer field. Do not stop at the usual protection of the major threats such as viruses and Trojans, but also incorporates additional features that help protect the computer when we move through the network, such as firewalls or protection from dangerous spyware, which steal user information to advertising companies or to conduct further attacks. The progress of this generation is based on two important pillars.

On the one hand, G Data antivirus protection has evolved through technology Close Gap . This technology allows us to analyze the system through both the virus signature database and through proactive protection. is, analyzing the computer for strange behavior and blocking these processes before they can be damaging to your computer. This protection is constantly evolving and improving, improving end protection for the user. In addition, G Data has a double search engine that allows you to offer one of the most powerful detection rates security market (in the latest study published was the safest antivirus).
G Data InternetSecurity 2014 Special Edition protects up to four PCs and Android
The other pillar on which improvements are sustained G Data Internet Security 2014 is the security module G Data Bank Guard . This module serves to protect the user from dangerous banking Trojan attacks, which can cause a real havoc in the pocket of the victim. G data Bank Guard works directly in the browser , blocking its use at the time in which an attack is (most of these Trojans works by intercepting the information entered into the browser to access online banking). This protection is supplemented by G Data Mobile Security 2 , a security solution specifically designed for smartphones and tablets running the operating system Android .

Mobile Security analyzes the applications down to the store Google (and other locations) for possible malicious content. In addition, it also protects the user during web browsing and when using email. By combining these two tools in one solution, you get a greater ability to defend against threats. Not only is worrying constantly increasing threats to the system of Google . Have also begun to create threats that attack both Android and Windows computers at the same time . One example is a banking trojan can intercept messages sent to the phone from the bank and also the information that is entered through the browser. The special edition G Data Internet Security 2014 now available for the price of 35 euros for four teams (two computers and two Android devices).

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