iTunes 11.1.5 Download For Windows XP, 7, 8, Mac OS X


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The iTunes is an application to play audio, available for free download on the platforms Windows and Mac . By downloading the program, you can organize your library of digital media such as music, videos and books. Furthermore, it is possible to transfer files between your computer and mobile devices. Be sure to download iTunes 11.1, the most complete audio player available!

The main function of the software is the interface between devices of Apple ,  Macs and PCs For example, to configure your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone, you must configure them with iTunes to allow transfer and sync music, videos, books and apps. The player lets you listen to all your music, watch movies and TV programs directly from the computer.

With this, you no longer need to waste time searching for CDs or TV channels. Just open the app and use the search menu to find what you seek in your library. In addition, there is the possibility to create playlists with your favorite songs, sync them to your devices iOS and burn them to some external media easily.

Sync with iOS 7

Optimized for the new version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 7, iTunes makes it easy to organize items in your library. With the new service, applications, music, movies and all kinds of stuff that you want to import to Apple device will be quickly transferred to your gadget.

Shuffle Genius

One of the most interesting features is the Genius tool. Genius creates playlists with songs from your library. The most amazing is that these lists are made according to the songs that suit.

This tool received an update in order to hear their music. When pressing the Random Play mode, the application plays the music and selects those that match each other, according to the pace and genre. To hear a song off the “default” Genius is selected by simply turning off AutoPlay.

ITunes Radio

The iTunes Radio is a news and brings about 250 radio stations to listen to the user. The most interesting is that you can create your own radio station by selecting your photographer or your favorite music. To avail the service without ads you must sign the iTunes Match.

Stations Podcasts

With the new iTunes, the user can create and transmit information about your podcasts via iCloud through application called Issuer Podcasts. It updates its signatures, and saves the point where you stopped playing that podcast, and this automatically via iCloud.

ICloud Integration

The new iTunes version features integration with iCloud . Now, there is the availability to listen to songs and buy others, or even an entire album without leaving your library. The new tool also allows you to start watching a video on one device and finish on another. ICloud warns the moment it was paused the display.

Up Next

The utility allows you to create a list of upcoming songs to be played. Additionally, you can select a disc or artist for the program suggest similar songs for playback.

This all in an even smaller and more organized MiniPlayer. Just click on the “Next” button to see upcoming songs in the list and the user can randomly choose which you want to listen without having to open the library.

Radio Online

Besides listening to music from your library, the program allows access to online radios worldwide. You can search by categories and styles of music like Blues, Classic Rock, Jazz, among other styles. To make good use of this feature, you must have a good quality internet.

iTunes Store

The iTunes Store is a store that allows you to consume media content directly from your application. Through it, you can buy songs, shows, movies, apps for iOS, books, among others. You can buy an app made for the iOS platform and connect to your device like the iPad and iPhone, iTunes syncs and downloads the application to your device.

Transfer Content

Newer versions include support for Apple’s iCloud platform. Through it becomes possible to transfer, with wireless technology (or the Wi-Fi or the cellular network), all your media content to your Apple devices. All your apps, music, books and videos automatically appear on your iPad, iPhone, etc..

A major advantage is that a backup of all your media is recorded in the cloud. If a problem occurs and the user lose all your apps and music, simply connect the iCloud and retrieve content.

So iTunes is a very complete application that has many features associated with the management, organization and playback of digital media. You can consolidate your entire library of CDs and DVDs, organize it with pictures of musical albums, buy new music, finding new music associated with your musical taste, among other features.


In AirPlay, the software goes even further. It allows you to play your favorite music in any room of your home or place, without a single thread. This wireless technology comes in speakers, AV receivers, and iPod accessories. This makes it possible to enjoy your entire media library in all environments, with high quality and without any limitation.


The operation of this content in the audio and video library can be done in several ways. The Coverflow, one of the most interesting features, places the album art a side by side, creating a very pleasant three-dimensional effect that differs from that normally offer media applications.

But do not stop there. The service gives the user the option to filter content by artist, album, genre and composer. Coupled with these filters, the search free app is extremely powerful. She searches for the word entered in the search field throughout the library and usually returns correct results.

iTunes LP and Extras

ITunes LP try to play what were once vinyls. It creates a single interface for each album, with information such as the inserts of old records, lyrics and photos of the artists. Not just any album, however, which is sold in LP version.

Have them bring iTunes Extras which was long exclusivity DVDs: additional videos that were not available to anyone who watched the movie at the cinema or on TV, as behind the scenes footage and bloopers. As in the case of iTunes LP, iTunes Extras is offered only for a few selected films.

Smart Playlists

One of the strengths of the service is the tool that creates playlists according to predetermined user information. Considering that the audio library is the data of songs and albums properly inserted, smart playlists could, for example, create a new playlist with only Michael Jackson songs released between 1970 and 1980 and with 4 stars or more .

Sharing songs

Any time that iTunes offers the possibility for a user to access the saved songs in another user’s library, since both are on the same network. This occurred via streaming when music is not stored on the PC who wants to listen to music but do not have it.

With the new program, Apple has changed its position on this music sharing. Now, it allows the same music to be distributed to up to five machines, provided they are on the same computer network. Download from iTunes and check all its features!
Download iTunes 11.1.5

Download iTunes 11.1.5

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