KWConnect Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

KWConnect is a program designed for anyone who connects to the internet via a modem (analog, digital, DSL or other) and you need to restart the connection, for whatever reason. With him, just a single click to disconnect and a new click to be connected again.

Additionally, you can pre-program times when such actions are carried out, leaving the task all automated. You can also activate the connection option to start automatically with Windows and various other available menu configuration KWConnect.

This program can be highly useful for those who want to download on file sharing sites that make you wait for hours to start a new transfer. When you restart the connection, it creates a new IP, allowing you to lock this dribble.

However, the application has a very large focus on dialup connections. If you have not migrated to broadband, this is perhaps one of the best outputs to control when you connect and when you turn off the world wide web.

KWConnect Download

KWConnect Download