List Of Top 9 Parental Control Apps Of 2016


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Parents have enough to worry about without the dangers children face every day on the internet.Pornography and potential predators could be anywhere online, and many parents do not have the time for you to sit beside their kids, carefully watching every key stroke and click on they create. Parental control software can carefully watch rather, recording activities and obstructing materials which are unsafe for youthful audiences while still permitting them to benefit from the great assets online. This is actually the List of Top 9 Parental Control Apps Of 2016.

1) Net Nanny 6.5

Net Nanny 6.5
Gold Award champion Internet Nanny provides the perfect mixture of tools to safeguard your kids online. Unlike a lot parental control software you will find, this application is easy and simple to make use of, offering satisfaction having a relatively gentle learning curve.
CONS : The applying cannot capture keyboard strokes or desktop images.
VERDICT : Internet Nanny is really a reliable and amazing child-monitoring tool that’s also simple to use.
Download Net Nanny 6.5



2) WebWatcher 8.2.2

WebWatcher 8.2.2
WebWatcher’s designers really considered everything. Our Top Reviews Silver Award champion for parental control software addresses the worries of parents everywhere with features that safeguard children in the varied dangers online. WebWatcher’s tools can help block sites you don’t would like your kids to determine to begin with and permit you to keep track from the sites they are doing access.
PROS : The applying could be installed remotely.
CONS : You will find additional costs for upgrades, screenshots and picked up data storage.
VERDICT : WebWatcher is really a effective tool which helps parents to keep their kids safe online.
Download WebWatcher 8.2.2

3) McAfee Safe Eyes

McAfee Safe Eyes
A more recent form of the product can be obtained as McAfee Family Protection. We’ll evaluate, rank and evaluate the latest version of the product whenever we next update the Parental Software reviews.
PROS : Safe Eyes covers three computer systems with one license.
CONS : Safe Eyes operates on Home windows, Apple computers and iOS, however the Android version is not available.
VERDICT : McAfee Safe Eyes goes past internet blocking to supply control of videos, internet TV, music, im, games, social media and email.
Download McAfee Safe Eyes


4) Witigo Parental Filter

Witigo Parental Filter
A more recent form of the product can be obtained as Witigo Parental Filter. The developer lists the brand new version as providing the following features/ Home windows 10, Home windows 8 and Mac OS X support. We’ll evaluate, rank and evaluate the latest version of the product whenever we next update the Parental Software reviews.
PROS: One copy of Profit Parental Filter 2 includes three licenses.
CONS: Support can be obtained on the phone and email, but live chat isn’t a choice.
VERDICT: Profit Parental Filter 2 enables you to definitely control and monitor precisely what your son or daughter can do and see in each and every imaginable scenario.
Download Witigo Parental Filter

5) ContentBarrier

Intego’s ContentBarrier offers some good tools to keep your children safe online. This parental control software for Mac helps block those sites, words along with other content you are concerned about being a parent. The product is particularly easy to use in comparison to a lot of others we attempted. Download and system is very simple. The only real drawback is deficiencies in compatibility. The product is perfect for Mac customers only. In case your whole household uses Apple computers, this child monitoring software is a great option. For those who have your personal computer within the mix, you need to search for parental filter software that can be employed in both.
PROS : The simple-to-use screenshot tool helps you receive a closeup look at what your son or daughter is searching at.
                                                                 CONS : Miracle traffic bot only creates Apple computers.
                                                                 VERDICT : With sophisticated obstructing and recording tools, this is a                                                                                  great product for Mac customers to have their children safe online.
Download ContentBarrier

6) Spytech SpyAgent 8

Spytech SpyAgent 8
Spytech SpyAgent offers parents satisfaction by controlling children’s internet use while still permitting these to enjoy time online. With this particular reliable and cost-effective parental control software, you’ll have the ability to track almost all activity – transcripts of e-mail, whether outgoing or incoming, accessories, each side of instant texting conversations and activity on social networks like Twitter and facebook.
PROS : SpyAgent has several features to guide you to keep your kids safe online.
CONS : Beginning computer customers might find the program hard to install.
VERDICT : Spytech SpyAgent lacks a couple of extra supplies for example smartphone applications, but it’s an inexpensive and helpful monitoring                                                                                  tool.
Download Spytech SpyAgent 8

7) CYBERsitter 11

CYBERsitter 11
CYBERsitter can perform precisely what its title indicates – be careful about your children online whenever you cannot. It’s missing a couple of features in comparison towards the best parental control software, including keylogging and screenshot recording, however the tools it will have are helpful to the parent.
PROS : More youthful children may benefit from CYBERsitter’s content blocking and obstructing.
CONS : The possible lack of recording features may render the program ineffective to watch older kids.
VERDICT : Parents of teens should consider a far more robust parental control application.
Download CYBERsitter 11

8) Verity

A lot of the technicality of parental control software that people value can be found in Verity Child Monitoring Software. It is really an effective tool to make your kids safer online. You’ll have the ability to block specific programs and websites. Additionally, you will have the ability to look whatsoever from the websites your son or daughter sights. This application is simply a little less intuitive to make use of overall, though, and it is recording features are less sophisticated and fewer plentiful than its rivals are.
PROS : Verity will record screenshots of the children’s internet use for playback later.CONS : This parental filter software programs are unavailable inside a version that monitors mobile phones or Apple computers.
VERDICT : Verity might be simpler to make use of and lacks some recording                                                                         tools, but it’ll assist you to monitor your kid’s online activities.
Download Verity

9) Elite Keylogger


Elite KeyLogger offers expert recording tools to ensure that you will be aware precisely what your son or daughter does online when you’re not within the room. What this parental monitoring software lacks is nearly all blocking and obstructing tools that people be prepared to be a bundle together with recording tools.
PROS : The applying installs easily in visible mode.
CONS : Elite KeyLogger cannot track new file creation.
VERDICT : You will find better parental software programs available.

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